Technology addiction (digital addiction- nomophobia)

We have transitioned from the times when we could not meet with our loved ones who are far away for months or maybe years, when we longed to see their faces, when it was very difficult to communicate, when we traveled on the backs of mounted animals for weeks or even months, to a period in which today’s technology is advancing at a dizzying pace. No matter how far we are from each other, digital tools that almost eliminate the distance between us, that we can bring the food, clothing and product we want with one click, that allow us to do our work in a very short time and comfortably, and from which we can count many other benefits, have surrounded us and will surround us even more. looks like. Because, besides being smart, the developing digital tools are supported by artificial intelligence, programmed by themselves and fulfill our expectations automatically without even having to press any button. Although we are fascinated by the innovations and advances in digital tools that we witness with curiosity and excitement, which greatly change our living standards, the gradual increase in the time spent with technological devices, we are drawn into more like a whirlpool, our will is taken away from us. to digital addictioncan form the basis .It is a phenomenon that we are exposed to more often through devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets and televisions, which dissolves and destroys our time like a burning candle in vain. digital addictWe can understand whether we are or not from the clues listed below. If the;

If we wake up in the morning and can’t stop ourselves from touching the button of the digital screens except to turn off the alarm and check the time.

If we wake up late during the day and feel sleepy and unrest during the day because we spend time in front of the screen until very late, our sleep becomes irregular and of poor quality.

If we started to give false answers to our relatives and teachers about the time we spent in front of the screen,

If, after the time we spent in front of the screen, we began to feel remorse and remorse frequently because the things we should do were not done,

If we put off our homework, duties or responsibilities most of the time and a lot of work to be completed starts to accumulate,

Even when we are not in front of the screen, our minds are often busy with what we do on the screen, but if we have a strong desire to get our hands on the digital tool as soon as possible,

It is useful to know that it is time to take steps towards a solution before it is too late, because it is seen today that exposure at the level of addiction brings harm rather than benefit and causes huge problems. If we touch on some of the problems that may be experienced;

Blurred vision, dry eyes, burning in the eyes and vision problems at an early age due to looking at digital screens for a long time,

Excessive weight gain called obesity as a result of excessive fat accumulation in the body, as well as posture disorders in the joints and muscles as a result of being immobile for a long time in front of digital tools,

Too much time spent with digital screens causes our success in academic and business life to decrease as a result of our primary responsibilities related to school and life being incomplete and stubby,

Maybe as a result of neglecting our loved ones who are right next to us and who expect attention and love from us, we try to distance ourselves from each other by putting distances between us and our loved ones.

Introversion, lack of self-confidence, problems in communication and interaction with the social environment as a result of weakening our relations with the social environment due to the excessive time spent in the virtual world,

Getting our private pictures and information from people we don’t know, and being exposed to deception, threats and abuse known as cyberbullying,

Negative results such as can be stated as only some of the problems. For this reason, this digital addictionSome precautions that can be taken to stay away from the danger are as follows;

Football, basketball, theater, etc., where we can add our 5 senses to our relations with our friends who will be exemplary role models around us, in a way that is intertwined with nature rather than virtual. continue with social activities

To plan and implement cultural and social activities such as guests, picnics, which will keep face-to-face relations with people with whom we have kinship and neighborly ties.

Paying attention to regularly participating in a course or activity that we can choose as a hobby within our capabilities.

Creating a plan where we can stay away from digital devices at a certain time of the day and at certain times of the month, and to have short or long-term healthy pursuits for ourselves and our family during this time.

Raising awareness by recording how much time digital tools unnecessarily steal from our daily, if this time is too much and we are not able to control this process ourselves; getting support from our classroom teacher, guidance teacher or other mental health professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists,

are some of the steps that can be taken without delay.

Finally, remember that life is about living the moments when we are together with our loved ones to the fullest. I wish you lots of hugs and lots of love…

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