Tea and coffee consumption during pregnancy

1) Is It Harmful To Drink Tea/Coffee While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is an important process that needs to be taken care of and paid attention to. Nutritional habit, which is one of the general needs of human beings, is one of the issues that are very important in this process. During pregnancy, the expectant mother should pay attention to the foods that she will eat and drink in order to ensure the health and development of the baby. It is clear that tea and coffee occupy an important place among the people. When it is necessary to talk about the foods that the expectant mother will eat and drink, one of the elements that should not be skipped is tea drinking.

Along with the fact that people should pay attention to their nutrition in every period, the expectant mother during pregnancy should pay more attention to her nutrition in terms of both her own health and the development and health of her baby. As we have just mentioned, consumption of tea and coffee, which has a great place in our society, can cause important problems during pregnancy.

If we are asked whether it is harmful to drink tea during pregnancy, the answer we will give is that, due to the caffeine present in tea and coffee, if these substances are taken more than necessary, there is a risk of significant harm to the mother and the baby.

One of the biggest factors in drinking tea during pregnancy is the occurrence of problems such as developmental delay in the baby due to the fact that the majority of the caffeine consumed by the expectant mother is kept in her body through the placenta. Expectant mothers should not consume more than 200 mg of caffeine-containing foods during pregnancy.

Caffeine, which is consumed more than this amount, will cause various problems in the acquisition of substances such as iron, which the baby needs most during the developmental period. Considering that one of the biggest factors of caffeine is that it prevents the absorption of iron in the body, they should be very careful about the intake of tea or coffee during pregnancy.

2) Is it harmful to consume only black tea during pregnancy?

Consumption of black tea during pregnancy is extremely dangerous due to the processes applied during the making of the tea and the contents. In the withering process, which is one of the production stages of tea, the level of caffeine in tea increases even more. However, excessive intake of herbal beverages such as green tea and not only black tea during pregnancy can be harmful.

A process known as withering is done during the processing of black tea. This causes a significant increase in caffeine in black tea. The biggest factor in the harmfulness of herbal teas is; Likewise, caffeine and herbal teas in black tea are substances that can cause sudden contractions and reflexes in the body.

Excessive intake of herbal teas may cause problems such as miscarriage and stillbirth due to the increase in contractions experienced during pregnancy. The misconception that problems such as miscarriage will occur in general in herbal teas is a very common thought among the society. However, it should not be forgotten that while a certain amount of everything, as much as the body needs, is beneficial, too much of it can seriously put our health at risk.

3 ) For Light Tea

Only clear and lemon tea can be consumed during pregnancy. Expectant mothers who have the habit of drinking tea and coffee should stay away from this habit as much as possible. But if you are one of those who say that I cannot stop drinking tea, it is recommended to consume only a cup of tea or a cup of coffee during the day.

If the expectant mother wants to bring a healthy child into the world, she should avoid beverages containing caffeine as much as possible. This will be of great benefit to both the baby and his or her own health. In fact, if caffeine-containing foods are taken in large amounts during pregnancy, it can significantly affect the baby’s brain development.

The amount of caffeine that is normally limited to 300 mg per day drops to 200 mg in the case of pregnancy. Caffeine, which is also found in tea and cola, is taken in excess, causing the baby to be born with a low weight. Here’s a chart showing how much caffeine is in each drink

one- A mug of instant coffee:100mg of caffeine

2- A mug of filter coffee:140mg of caffeine

3- A medium latte or cappuccino:140mg of caffeine

4- A mug of tea:75mg of caffeine

5- A can of coke:40mg of caffeine

6- Medium cans of coffee:It contains around 250 mg of caffeine.

However, since each brand will have a different recipe, it is necessary to ask the manufacturers.

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