Talking Late

Specialist Speech Therapist Yasemin Tekin said, “He already has a child who can’t speak by the age of two. It is a big mistake to say that his uncle spoke at the age of three or four and ignore it. The child who does not speak by the age of two should be taken to a speech therapist immediately because the delay may cause both speech difficulties and cognitive retardation in the future.

Emphasizing that both parents want the child to speak as soon as possible, and this causes unnecessary expectations and even tension, and negative effects on the child, the famous therapist said: “This expectation is unfounded because a process has to be experienced. But two years is the determining figure. The answer to the question of exactly when children start to speak is at the age of two… In the first months, communication is nonverbal and as the months pass it becomes verbal. In 3 months, the conversations start, in 5 and 6 months, the applications turn into voice games. Between the 6th and 10th months, syllable repetitions such as ‘ma-ma, dad-ba, de-de’ are seen. This period is confused by the emergence of real words by many parents. In fact, these repetitions are not meaningful words extracted by the baby. With the first age, babies begin to use the sounds and accents of their language as a means of communication. The first words understood by the Environment are heard between 12 and 18 months. However, we have to take into account the individual differences in the development period. The sounds a baby makes at a certain month. The syllables and words may not be the same for the other child. At 18 months, there are meaningless word-like sounds and many single words that we call jargon speech. At 24 months, they form two-word sentences and can say about fifty words. However, he is expected to understand 200 words.

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