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Depression; If you feel that you do not have the energy to raise your arm and you do not understand why, you do not enjoy the work and activities you have done before, if you have sleep disorders and find yourself in a state of constant unhappiness, depression may have knocked on your door. She talked about her depression, spring depression and how you can cope with this mood disorder.

Why does depression occur? Am I at risk?

The risk of developing psychiatric problems increases with seasonal changes. The decrease in sun rays in autumn affects hormone production. While our body is trying to adapt to the new season, our psychology can also be negatively affected. Today, when the seasons are unusual with global warming, the bodies have difficulty in adapting. A history of depression is more common in people with a genetic predisposition and in people with a history of depression in the past. In addition, if you have had some challenging events in your life recently, if you have a work life with a high level of stress, you are at more risk.

What health problems can trigger depression?

The fact that the thyroid glands are outside the normal values, B12, iron and folic acid deficiency are effective in seasonal depression.

How Can I Cope?

When we are unhappy, negative thoughts that we are not aware of occur automatically throughout the day. In this case, it disrupts our perception and interpretation of events. It affects our emotions and behavior. Avoid generalizations during this period. try to think positive.

Focusing on one negative event leads to ignorance of other positive events. . with mental exercisesIncrease your positive thoughts.

Spend time with your loved ones.

Do family activities.

Do nature activities.

What kind of mental exercises are good for a depression?

First of all, set aside a short and quiet time during the day to be alone with yourself. Create your own suggestive sentences. Write it in your notebook. Repeat in the time you set aside for yourself.

Make a side-by-side list of your positive and negative thoughts. You can help yourself or get help from a trusted friend to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones.

When you’re feeling depressed, it can be hard to imagine that a simple exercise like walking or cycling can do the trick for treatment. However, studies have shown that regular physical exercise provides significant recovery and post-recovery protection. So start physical exercise.

Spend more time on your social relationships in your close circle.

Postpone the hard-to-return decisions until after this semester’s sonnet.

Consume seasonal fruits and vegetables. Avoid white sugar.

If you have a bad mood for at least two weeks, plus two of the symptoms of eating, sleeping, thinking, concentrating, indecisiveness, suicidal thoughts, feeling worthless or guilty, seek professional help.

Suggestions to Managers:

Support your employees with professionals who can provide psycho-social support programs so that depression does not reduce the productivity of your employees and cause job losses.

Advice to Families

Parents experiencing depression should be treated. Children of parents with mental and physical health problems may experience problems. If you are going through such a process, take measures to protect your child’s health. Consult a specialist for your child as well.

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