Take control of your anxiety

Anxiety is the unreasonable fears that have accompanied people since the existence of humanity. Some people may experience less anxiety, while others may experience very severe anxiety. Anxiety disorders are the name given to all of the diseases in which these fears are more acute, which distract the person from their daily functions.

For example, an anxious child may suddenly worry that something bad is going on when one of their parents is late or doesn’t answer the phone, causing the whole family to wake up. When the phone rings at night, he may not answer the phone on the grounds that he will receive bad news. In another anxiety disorder, the person suddenly begins to feel palpitations in his heart that he cannot make sense of. This person may think that he is having a heart attack and go to the emergency room. It can even be seen that some people cannot get on the elevator or stay in closed areas where they think they cannot get help.

In another group of anxiety disorders, the patient may not be able to enter the society with the thought that he will be disgraced. He may not be able to meet new people or bring tea to his guests. These are all classified as anxiety disorders.

The treatment of these disorders, which is seen in one out of every 20 people, is also quite simple. We can describe an anxiety attack as a crazy running horse. Thinking that the person is in control of their body during an anxiety attack can help reduce the attack. Focusing on his body, opening and closing his hands, practicing breathing exercises can help calm this crazy running horse.

Drinking chamomile teas sold in the markets twice a day is very effective in reducing anxiety. In some cases, these methods may not work. These cases are also treated quite simply with psychotherapy, which is a talking treatment method, and sometimes with drugs.

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