Take Care of Your Skin in the Cold!

In winter, the incidence of skin diseases increases. Cold, polluted air, low humidity cause many skin and skin diseases to increase. Dermatologists state that the skin is seriously affected because it is in contact with the outside world. Experts say, “The factors that threaten skin health, especially in the winter season, increase. The secretion of melatonin hormone more in sunless environments causes people to spend the winter months more stressed and prone to depression. The combination of these factors; In addition to the occurrence of skin diseases such as acne (pimples) and eczema, it also causes an increase in important skin diseases such as psoriasis triggered by stress.” The information Soylu gave to our correspondent on skin and skin diseases is as follows:


What are the most common skin and skin problems?

The problem of many men or women is spots, eczema, herpes, recurrent acne and scars, poorly healing scars (scar, keloid), moles, moles, ingrown nails, under-eye bruises, swelling, skin aging, cracks and which care products they should use.

What diseases are most common in winter?

In this season, many diseases can be seen, especially eczema, atopic dermatitis, spots on the skin and skin rashes due to viruses.


How do you treat these problems in your medical center?

After the diseases are diagnosed correctly, drug treatment is applied. Apart from these, in our Dermatocosmetology department, treatment of ingrown nails, mole removal, botox, filler, light filling, under-eye light filling, chemical peeling types, mesotherapies, PRP, dermaroller, lifting applications (eliminating sagging and wrinkles in the skin), treatments for acne scars and many more processes have been successfully implemented by me.


Why are the spots that appear in the summer treated in the winter?

Since there is sensitivity to the sun in summer, intensive spot treatment is done in winter. In the summer months, mesotherapy and PRP treatments have a place in the treatment, but they are not enough alone.

How should we be protected?
While the humidity in the air decreases during these months, heaters such as heaters, stoves and air conditioners further reduce the humidity. At this stage, it is of great importance to use moisturizers in the prevention of skin diseases that develop or exacerbate skin dryness. In skin cleaning, cleaning products that are suitable for the PH value of the skin and that do not cause dryness on the skin should be used. Especially people who take a shower very often should not neglect their skin care and should definitely use a moisturizer after the bath.

Do you have any treatment for baldness?
Let’s call it a hair loss problem, not baldness. There are many reasons for hair loss. It is a priority to research the cause first. As a treatment, we can give the patient external application treatments and vitamin supplements. We perform PRP and mesotherapy with small needle injections or dermaroller, which are more effective.

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