Sweet cravings during menstruation

The topic of the day is why women’s desire to eat sweets during menstruation peaks. During this period, the estrogen hormone in the body decreases and there may be a tendency to decrease in blood sugar due to this, and this decrease increases the desire to eat sweets and carbohydrates that you complain about.
In order to get through this process in the easiest way, you should not skip meals. It is beneficial to consume dried fruits, cinnamon milk, almonds and hazelnuts, which will also cut your sweet cravings in between meals.
Do you know what to do if you exaggerate these snacks and eat 3-5 fruits and 30 nuts? Give yourself a dessert reward once this period and get rid of the urge to eat as soon as possible. With this method, your desire to eat sweets will decrease psychologically instead of high-calorie snacks.

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