susceptibility to anxiety disorders

susceptibility to anxiety disorders

Seeing the serious effects of childhood as well as hereditary factors in this predisposition

possible. The bond that the child establishes with his mother or caregiver is very important at this point.

important and needs to be explored, studied and addressed in psychotherapy. In a very general sense

In other words, a person develops a close, satisfying and secure bond with his mother in childhood.

If not, this causes separation, loss of the mother and anxiety of being unloved in the child. This

Anxiety is a very serious concern for a child and needs to be handled with good support. This

as well as in children raised by strict social pressure or family standards.

Did I do right or wrong, what comes to me is good or bad… intense and heartfelt.

inexorable “doubt” begins to develop. As a result of this, the child, his own wishes,

to control his preferences…etc. briefly by trying to suppress or silence his/her self

whether…or. This struggle with oneself, this inner conflict, results in intense guilt and remorse.

brings out the anxiety we observed. Anxiety when all this anxiety cannot be managed

It is suppressed, rejected, or predisposed to persistent anxiety and panic. Conclusion

As a result, the person begins to be afraid of anxiety in a sense and becomes prone to anxiety disorders.

so it is developed.

What kind of path should be followed in Anxiety Disorders?

In fact, in anxiety disorders, anxiety can only be seen as a symptom, that is, as a result. Person

initially denies these internal conflicts or tries to suppress them or refuse to see them.

works; but in the end, the psychological structure that could not cope with the situation no longer screamed for help.

whether…or. These cries are anxiety, which we can call problematic. Hence to do

What is needed is this anxiety, that is, the reasons that gave rise to this scream, conflicts, worries and previous

to understand the experiences and develop one’s skills to face and cope with this situation.

is on the way. So actually we should consider this situation as if it’s an anxiety issue.

If we are living, we must understand that our inner world cannot struggle with things anymore and the problem is

He asks us to help him find and fix it. At this point, an expert

is to receive a quality psychotherapy service from a psychotherapist.

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