Surgery in breast cancer

In fact, this operation is not a single operation. An operation for the breast itself and an operation in which the axillary lymph nodes, which are considered the first place where the cancer spread, are evaluated/removed in the same session. However, since the two are usually performed together, it is considered as a single operation.

100 years ago, in breast cancer surgery ” radical mastectomy A method called ‘was used. In this technique, all of the axillary lymph nodes and the pectoralis muscles (chest muscles) on the chest wall were also removed along with the breast. When this major surgery was shown to have little effect on cancer progression, the extent of the surgery was reduced. Standard surgery up to 50 years ” modified radical mastectomy ” happened. In this too, the breast and lymph nodes were removed, but the chest muscles were preserved. Until 15 years ago, this method was mainly used in patients with breast cancer.

As the debate on the extent of breast tissue removed in cancer progression continues and knowledge increases, “ breast conserving surgery ”, that is, removal of only the diseased part of the breast has become current. This is the basic technique today in suitable patients. However, in this technique, a separate incision is required for the armpit lymph nodes.

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