Support IVF Treatment by Increasing Egg Quality

With each passing day, the barriers to not being able to have children are being lifted. Especially the developments in in vitro fertilization treatments enable more and more couples to have children every year. One of the most important things to do in order to have a child is to improve egg quality. There are many ways to improve egg quality. But these paths converge on changing the way of life in general. Those who want to have a baby need a regular and balanced diet to increase their chances. In addition, leaving some habits behind completely and adding new ones instead of them provide noticeable changes. In short, couples who want to have a baby need to make radical changes in their lifestyles.

Nutrition and Egg Quality

In order to increase egg quality, a wide range of nutrition is required. Omega 3 oil, which will be obtained from fish consumed in season twice a week, provides great benefits to the embryo. In addition, fresh and organic vegetables support estrogen synthesis. Foods such as yogurt, cheese, and milk are extremely important for the health of the embryo, especially during the IVF treatment process. Protein-rich foods such as legumes, red meat and eggs, and grain groups such as oats, rice and corn significantly affect egg quality. Those who want to have a baby should pay attention to the fact that they should consume all these foods fresh and naturally.

Drug Use

In order for women to become pregnant, they must have a certain number of eggs and these eggs must be of a certain quality. Although this situation is tried to be achieved with food, in some cases it may not be possible. The condition of success can be increased by cessation of alcohol and cigarette consumption, which reduce egg quality, and drug treatment to be applied. However, the drugs to be used should be used under control and regularly. Drugs that stimulate eggs vary according to estrogen levels. People with normal estrogen levels are recommended to use Clomiphene citrate. In people with high estrogen levels, aromatz inhibitors are used to reduce this level. Although the use of medication does not guarantee pregnancy, it can increase the chance of conception.

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