Superwoman Syndrome

If you want to keep everything in perfect order, then you have the “superwoman” syndrome. If you think like that, you always try to raise your standards above your existing ones. You don’t realize how tiring you actually is to fight for the better. Your home is always neat and tidy; You believe that your children should not scatter anywhere and that there should be a different meal in your home every day. When you don’t strive for perfection, you blame yourself. You question why you have to settle for less when you can achieve better. Those who think that you are overtired are those who observe you from the outside. You live with the belief that all this intense tempo is normal. However, this goal of perfection may cause some negative emotions in you.

When a friend makes a negative review of your home, you feel nervous and restless. When you feel that your child is one step behind compared to the children of your neighbors, you feel the need to panic and question your motherhood. In order to be the best and best known in different fields, you fall into a wheel that you do not realize. You have a lot of work to do in a short time. Interestingly, these things never end. These endless works are like weights on your soul without realizing it. What you need to train will always make you feel on the alert. What you have accomplished is not enough for you. Sometimes you don’t even qualify them as successes. You prefer to increase your responsibilities rather than stop and slow down.

Each new responsibility weighs you down a little more. At this point, you may ask yourself why your target range is so wide. You can try to understand why you feel compelled to do more. You may question the importance of validation in your life. You may think about the harm that feeling under pressure does to you. You can reinforce the belief that it is not necessary to burden yourself so much in order to achieve spiritual satisfaction.

You believe it is possible to achieve that wonderful feeling of victory when you put in enough effort. You sacrifice more of yourself for this. However, these compromises tire you physically and mentally. You feel dissatisfied when you are not engaged in an endeavor. You do not give yourself the opportunity to rest because of that feeling of emptiness and restlessness you feel inside. You should stop and review your spiritual needs, set your boundaries in a healthy way, and stop taking on responsibilities that do not belong to you.

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