Sunken Nipple

A sunken nipple, part or all of the nipple is embedded inward
called condition. Nipple collapse can be congenital or acquired. Usually adolescence
It is noticed during the period when the breasts start to develop. This is both aesthetic and
It also brings about functional and psychological problems. This problem occurs in 2-3 out of 100 women.
unilaterally or bilaterally present and may hesitate to talk to those around women.
It is associated with problems such as infection due to the accumulation of secretions from the nipple and the difficulty of cleaning.
There may be difficulties in breastfeeding a baby. The most important reason for this problem is the milk ducts.
failure in development. Since the milk ducts open to the nipple, this part is turned inward.
It makes it difficult for the baby to catch the nipple and interferes with the flow of milk. Also aesthetically pleasing
Because it is invisible, it damages the self-confidence of the person and causes psychological and sexual problems.
can open.
If the nipple collapse has been present since the developmental age, this is a sign that the milk ducts are not formed.
it can be too. In these cases, the milk ducts are completely closed and these ducts have fiber-like bonds in place.
and these ligaments may have retracted the nipple. How much care is taken in such cases?
Since there are no normal milk channels in reality, milk does not come from the milk channels after pregnancy.
If the nipple cannot be pulled out at all when squeezed between two fingers, such a
discomfort should be suspected. In these patients, only the image can be corrected with surgery, but
It is not possible for the patient to breastfeed her baby.
Nipple collapse is treated surgically. It is performed under local anesthesia and takes up to 1 hour.
It is possible to correct inverted nipples with an ongoing surgery. fix this problem
There are many surgical methods for The common point of all methods is to pull the nipple in.
It is the cutting of the ligaments and placing a temporary or permanent support under the nipple. in surgery
In most of the techniques applied, cutting the milk ducts in order to pull the nipple out.
must. If the canals are not cut, the nipple will collapse again after the surgery. Because the main reason is milk
ducts pull the nipple inward. Therefore, depending on the cut of the milk ducts
Breastfeeding will not be possible in the future. Surgically sunken nipple normal anatomical
brought to their positions. As a result, chest collapse is especially due to aesthetic concerns or
done to improve the appearance. Patients are normal within a few days after surgery.
can come back to life. Sometimes the nipple, which is corrected by surgery, returns to its original state over time.
can also be seen.

Nipple Size
Having large nipples disrupts the aesthetic appearance rather than creating a functional problem.
is a situation. Most women with large nipples have breasts under the clothes they wear.
They are in serious distress since their heads are clearly noticed. How thick a bra or
If breast pads are used, the nipples can still be noticed from the outside.
The problem of women who are stressed because of this situation can be solved with a simple intervention on the nipple.
solution is possible. Milk ducts are protected during surgery, a problem in breastfeeding
It does not form, the normal sensation of the nipple is preserved, there is no loss of sensation and a natural
view is obtained. In this surgery, the target is a natural looking and the size you want.
to obtain a nipple.

Accessory Nozzle
Rarely, some people have one or more extra nipples. This is male
and women equally, but more common in blacks, Japanese, and Hebrews.
is common. Accessory breasts are usually located on the line extending from the armpit to the groin,
Occasionally, it can be found in other parts of the body, such as the neck, back, hips, and vulva. These
It appears as a small brown mole, mostly on the chest wall. Accessory
Along with the nipples, breast tissue can sometimes be found. Although puberty, menstruation and
Although they may respond to the hormonal changes that occur after pregnancy, nipples are rarely
becomes a medical problem. If such a response is in question, the excess nipple expands.
can become painful. Having a third breast can also cause mental trauma.
Auxiliary nipples and extra nipples are usually not a problem and are medically
they do not need to be taken. Chest diseases such as an excess nipple, mastitis, abscess, and cancer
It may also rarely be a source of additional risk to normal nipples. more than usual
If there are nipples, it is possible to remove them for aesthetic purposes.

Areola Size
The areola is the round brown area around the nipple. women’s breasts
As it grows, especially during pregnancy, the diameter of the areola begins to expand. Areola
enlargement is proportional to the growth of the breast. The average diameter of the areola, which is considered normal
is 5 cm. However, an enlarged areola can reach 10-12 cm in diameter. purely in terms of appearance
This problematic situation can be easily corrected with attempts to reduce the diameter of the areola.
The skin of the part of the areola, which is outside the diameter of 5 cm, is removed in the form of a ring.
can be narrowed. This surgery, which does not affect the normal life of the patient in any way, is performed around the areola.
It heals by leaving a slight scar in the form of a circle.

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