Sun Protection

One of the most asked questions of the summer. While 2/3 of the sunlight reaches our Earth, 5% of this amount is UV energy. Of course, we need sunlight for living life. However, it should not be forgotten that there are disadvantages as well as benefits. So, how can we protect ourselves from the harmful effects of the sun? I seem to hear most of you answering this question as “Yes, I use sunscreen”. But; Sun protection is not just about using sunscreen. Sun protection requires three basic conditions:

  1. Choosing the right behavior

  2. Choosing the right outfit

  3. and the use of sunscreen.

How can we protect ourselves from the sun?

  1. Choosing the right behavior: Avoiding going out especially during these hours, as the UV energy from the sun is intense between 10-15:00. Since the sea and sand reflect UV, it should not be forgotten that the sun will be more affected in these regions.

  2. Choosing the right clothing: Wearing thick fiber, not wet, tightly woven, synthetic clothing. Wearing sunglasses and a 10 cm wide-brimmed hat. But; When clothes with UV-absorbing properties get wet, their protective properties do not decrease. Admittedly, most of our summer clothes unfortunately have low UV protection.

  3. And using sunscreen cream: To use min SPF 15-30 products, which have both UV A and UV B protective effects, 30 minutes before going out, to repeat at intervals of 2 hours.

  • While physical sunscreens are more dense and protect by reflecting UV energy; Chemical sunscreens have a thinner consistency and absorb UV energy and have a protective effect.

  • We recommend paying attention to the correct clothing selection for children and the use of physical sunscreen for those older than 6 months.

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