Summer Vacation and Swimming During Pregnancy

Unfortunately, pregnancy is still perceived as a disease in our country! For this reason, most expectant mothers can restrict themselves from natural life. Pregnancy is not a disease, it is a natural process. Going on vacation, swimming in the pool and sea, and swimming are all part of this natural process. For the psychology of the mother and for a healthy pregnancy, the mother also needs to go on vacation, swim in the sea and sunbathe.

With the increasing air temperatures in the summer months, the expectant mother should pay particular attention to fluid consumption and hygiene. On a vacation trip, at the sea or in the pool, the important thing is to balance fluid loss and hygiene. Decreased fluid during pregnancy can increase uterine contractions and may lead to premature birth. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to fluid intake both during the journey and before and after entering the sea and pool.

The most frequently asked questions by expectant mothers; “Can I go into the sea or the pool? Can I have a ear? Can I tan? What sunscreen should I use?…”

One of the most recommended exercises during pregnancy is swimming, as it eliminates the effect of gravity and relaxes your stomach even more. It is especially good for increasing back and waist pains during pregnancy. Our primary choice for swimming is the sea. Now, because of the development of various systems and hygiene in pools, it can be suitable for expectant mothers.

The important thing is to take a shower immediately after swimming and wear a dry swimsuit. Especially since the chlorine in the pools can deteriorate the PH of the vagina, it may predispose to infections. A shower and a dry swimsuit to be taken as soon as you get out of the water will prevent this. Another point to be noted; No matter how good a swimmer you are, you should not swim alone. Especially if you like to open up, make sure to have someone with you. Be careful swimming in shallow places. The cramps that increase with pregnancy can catch you at sea and this can put you in danger.

Swimming is recommended by experts even in winter due to its positive effects on pregnancy. Of course, in the pools you know and trust. For this reason, do not avoid swimming! Especially we women are very interested in sunbathing and tanned skin. However, with your increased and changing hormone balance during pregnancy, sunbathing can cause permanent skin spots. While sunbathing may be good for vitamin D synthesis, it may cause problems for permanent stains. We should avoid going out especially during the hours when the sun is high. You should leave before 10 am or after 4 pm. It is not necessary to sunbathe for hours for vitamin D synthesis, even 10 minutes of sun exposure a day is sufficient. For this reason, we do not recommend sunbathing for tanning purposes.

As sunscreen, you can choose creams that contain at least 30 factor protection and do not contain additional substances such as cortisone.

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