Suicidal Thoughts and Support

The first thing to do is to get professional support, to speed up the recovery process instead of waiting for it to recover. At this point, especially the statements of young people by their friends that they will commit suicide should not be kept a secret. They should know that most of the time, when they get out of their negative mood, they say that suicidal thoughts are unnecessary and unnecessary.

In this confused period, it is more protective and necessary to share with their families or teachers what their friends are saying about their troubles in order to keep a secret.

Person who has suicidal thoughts;

• He should express to himself and his relatives that he should definitely get help and that he needs support in order to recover.
•He should change the environment he is in and focus on the beauties in the open air.
• He should try to remember the chances that life gave him in the past, and he should think that new good achievements will come to him in the future while he is alive.
• He should meet with his family or friends as soon as possible and take care not to be alone.
• If he has these thoughts even once, he should not delay seeking medical help.
•Positive approaches should spend more time and effort to increase the time periods they enjoy and to increase their joy of life.
•He should review who he can take as a model, communicate with, and get help from as a teacher, relative, peer, in his personal development and questions.

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