Suggestions for Parent and Child Relationships During the Coronavirus Process

Beads with letters on them and a fishing line are presented to the child. The child is asked what resources he needs most to cope with the coronavirus process. Feeling safe, believing that you can cope, courage, etc. as)The child is asked to think about previous memories of this resource. . When he finds it, he is expected to string the beads on the fishing line while thinking about these moments. If he cannot access a memory of having these resources, it is recommended that he think of someone he believes to have this resource and think about the memory associated with it. As he strings the beads on the fishing line, he is encouraged to design his bracelet by imagining that the person he believes has these resources is transferring this power to him.

AIM: This is a resource study. Reminding the child of his or her strengths will be a support for him to cope with the difficult situations he is going through now or in the future.

The child is asked to imagine the moment when he left the Corona process behind and defeated Corona.


“How do you feel right now when you think this whole period is over?”

“What’s going on in your body?”

“If you were a hero who survived this period, what kind of hero would you be?”

“What traits would you have?”

Think about that moment when you beat Corona and draw a picture of it.

AIM:It is to focus on the inner resources of the child, to cope with his intense emotions, to focus on the resources he needs for regulation and to realize the hopeful process in the future.

Recognizing an intense emotion is one of the most important tools for regulating our own emotional state in times of need. Children make their intense emotions concrete by drawing, writing and playing. As the emotion, which is difficult to control, becomes concrete, awareness increases.


“Let’s draw a corona virus”

“Now let’s make the corona funny”

AIM: To make the uncertainty experienced by the child more specific, concrete and predictable. Helping her feel a little bit of control, confidence and power.

From the Emdr perspective, bidirectional stimulation is one of the most effective techniques for processing intense emotions and traumatic memories. Any activity that will activate the right and left hemispheres of the brain will be good for children.


Playing the drums, walking, doing puzzles, painting, one right two left three jumps.

We are going through an extraordinary time. In such times, it is the vital need of each of us to follow the agenda and take measures in order to be on the agenda. In these periods when all family members are together for a long time, it is useful to pay attention to the compelling content spoken and watched in the presence of children.


  It’s also important to teach children to protect themselves from content that may seem challenging to them. When there is content on the screen that is too much for people to talk about and that does not make them feel good, they can imagine that they mute these sounds with an imaginary magic remote in their hands. This special controller can be designed with various materials, the controller may have its own characteristics.

AIM: Uncertainty can be worrying for many of us. Especially for children who see that their parents have difficulty in managing their intense emotions, the situation becomes more difficult. These playful activities are great opportunities for children to regain their lost sense of power and control in play.

It is important for children to gain body awareness, realize their emotions, learn to relax, regulate their mood, learn to be patient, trust, let go, calm down, cope and stay in the moment.

Doing yoga, meditation, mindfulness exercises and incorporating them into our daily routines will be good for all of us in this process.


Now let’s close our eyes.. Let’s take a deep breath.. As if blowing big bubbles.. calm.. Slow and careful

AIM: I do not realize that I am sitting. I realize the solid ground beneath me, the strength I get from here, I am safe, I give my full attention to what is in my body, calmly and slowly…

As children grasp and embody their intense emotions, it becomes much more comfortable for them to regulate their mood, calm down and relax. They make concrete the feelings that worry/force/sad them in daily life by drawing, writing and playing. Awareness increases as the emotion that is difficult to control somewhere in them becomes concrete. .


There has been a lot of talk about the corona virus lately. I notice that you are worried from time to time. Do you want to write a letter to this virus?

AIM: To make the uncertainty experienced by the child more specific, concrete and predictable. Helping her feel a little bit of control, confidence and power.

Play is the most effective communication tool for children. Children want to understand situations that affect them by playing them over and over again. This way they will be able to cope better with the situation. The children themselves

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