Subliminal Cleansing Work

It is a systematic form of communication used to bring the individual to a different state of consciousness. of the individual,

to a different level of consciousness by reducing his sensitivity to everything outside to a minimum level

We call the intensification that occurs by means of an entrance to the subconscious.

Subliminal cleansing practice is the ability to become aware of one’s own potential.

developer; to change by understanding that he can be better, that he can do something better, and

It is a subconscious education system that enables the development of

Having a certain infrastructure for the transition with the subconscious and certain stages, such as breathing.

It is necessary to automate it. Now, without disturbing your peace, sipping your coffee, reading

You can continue your adventure along these stages. Don’t like to miss your reading pleasure

but as trance gains experience, it gets internalized, takes its toll and develops…

The techniques in subliminal cleansing work do not have the slightest side-effect. Just

It is similar to the situation between sleep and wakefulness, which occurs with focus. The only sleeper

That is, the individual’s eyes are closed.


Yes, what you hear, see, remember passes through the filters of your consciousness. at the same time one

Even if you do not hear the sound of the vehicle, the sound of the birds and the air conditioner that has been running for a long time, these are

It doesn’t escape your subconscious.

Your conscious mind processes information from your subconscious. Your conscious mind is logic

It is the part that conducts, criticizes, comprehends, and judges. If your unconscious mind (your subconscious mind) is emotion

is focused. It is pure. your beliefs, your morals, your wrong and right, you good and bad

things that make you feel, what you believe and accept, what you learn by experience

to whom, where and how you will react to your actions,

It automatically records your fears, anxieties, all your fears as they are. your life

It ensures that you act in accordance with this information and consistently in the decisions you will make throughout the process.

“Why do we have problems we don’t want to have over and over again?” question and other

I will try to clarify.

“Why do we have problems we don’t want to have over and over again.” The reason is that your brain is conscious.

Although part of it is aware of repetitive mistakes, your unconscious mind will make these mistakes “Consistency”.

continues on its behalf. In short, why do these things happen to me all the time?

It stems from the resistance you create against learning and change.

You can’t pass your class with torpedo, bribe. By changing their perceptions of the problems that are the subject of their lessons,

You must give it again with a different care.


Part I am ….. that, that’s what I am…. What needs to change:

the things you want to be

as behavior

to do

to work

What and how does your Unconscious Mind tell us?

There is an intense relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind. Most of the discomforts

It consists of the inability to find a way of expression and the conflict of the conscious and unconscious mind. For this reason

I will guide you to understand your unconscious mind and improve your communication. Let’s see

How does your unconscious mind explain itself to you and what will you understand at the end of it?

Hey you ! Your Unconscious Mind Is Mine!

* I store all your memories until I die without deleting anything.

* I don’t have a filter because your consciousness did not develop between the moment you fell into your mother’s womb and between the age of 7 years.

All the information coming from your parents and your environment is right-wrong, good-bad, moral-immoral, beautiful-

ugly, I archived without distinction between true and false. The emotional and mental

I associate information with future events. Similar things and thoughts

I make connections between and generalize. A negative experience with a cat as a child (someone else

If you have lived, this is the reason why I stink of dogs for years.

*I work with symbols. The things I symbolize to associate with “time and place” fills the memory.

“Time” does not apply to me.

For me there is no past or future. There is now. So what happened in the past is now

I make it feel like I’m living, I make the future feel like I’m living now. I’m your

I am in constant contact through your spirit. To contact me (subconscious)

constantly use “Imagination” What Else Does the Unconscious Do?

Hey you ! Your Unconscious Mind Is Mine!

Your unconscious mind makes life the focal point. This is why you should care about your conscious mind. Conscious

Feed your mind with the right logic. Your unconscious mind repeats the mental patterns you have become accustomed to.

So, there are 21 days-90 days suggestions. You are the magic lamp. All you have to do is

Rub the lamp, bring out your genie and make your wish. You can ask for and get anything you want.

A magnetic piece of iron can lift at least 10 times its weight.

If you get the feature, it can’t even lift the feather.

There are 2 types of people who are similar to the same situation. The magnetized people are with trust and belief.

They are full of unexpected surrender. You were born to succeed and win

they are aware.

Type 2 people do not have magnets. They are full of fear and doubt. When an opportunity comes their way

“What if” I could lose money. Everyone thinks they’re making fun of me.

people cannot progress much in life. The fear they feel causes them not to progress.

As a subliminal cleansing expert, these and many of your problems can be dealt with by subconscious cleansing work.

We can solve it very easily. Subliminal cleansing work is a procedure performed with a drug or device.

it is not work. Please consult your doctor for medication etc. assistance in this regard.

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