Studies conducted at the Varna Climatotherapy Institute on the Black Sea coast have revealed sudden deaths and myocardial infarctions caused by heparin deficiency.

Sudden Deaths and Myocardial Infarctions Caused by Heparin Deficiency

Diseases leading to death in the 21st century are infarct diseases. In particular, cardiac infarction deaths take the first place according to world statistics. The age of infarction has decreased to 25.

Sudden deaths are increasing day by day. The factor that causes these sudden deaths is stress. There are two different types of stress.

The first type is negative stress, that is; Sudden sadness is sudden bad news. The body secretes Adrenaline from the Adrenal Gland. This Adrenaline binds Heparin and blocks it. Thus, 5 liters of blood clots within minutes and sudden death occurs.

The second type is positive stress, namely; It is a great sudden joy. The body secretes Adrenaline again from the Adrenal Gland and again this Adrenaline binds Heparin and blocks it. Thus, 5 liters of blood clots within minutes and sudden death occurs.

Changes in blood coagulation are seen in patients with hypertension, even in the initial stage. As the disease progresses, the blood vessels become stiff, hypercoagulation occurs in the blood, and the fibrinolytic system is repressed.

Cholesterol has a non-combustible squalene core. Ultraviolet rays have been shown to convert squalene to vitamin D in children. Cholesterol is metabolized in the body in 3 ways:

– It enters the structure of sexogen hormones.

It is used in the production of steroid hormones.

– It makes bile acids.

exp. Dr. In the study conducted by Neriman Karabaşoğlu, hypertension patients were divided into 3 groups and climatotherapy and sea treatment were applied to each group. The patients’ cholesterol levels were measured every morning and a decrease in cholesterol levels was detected after sun (ultraviolet) treatment. Examination of the nail skin under the microscope revealed that cholesterol tends to the blood vessels and collapses to form atherosclerotic plaques.

Experiments were conducted with a total of 7200 patients in 11 years, with 50 patients per month.

It has been observed that prothrombin time shortens and blood coagulation increases during climotherapy. Heparin levels decreased after exposure to the sun in patients with hypertension. Heparin is an anti-coagulant secreted from mastocytes and has normal blood values ​​of 5-10 µ. It has been noticed that heparin deficiency represses the entire coagulation system. Sea water treatment was started with hypertension patients and after the treatment, 3-4 µ decrease in blood levels of Heparin was observed. Professor in Moscow Dr. The reason for these decreased levels was explained in experiments with mice under the direction of BA Kudryashov. A stress environment was created for the mice used during the experiment. Adrenaline secreted from suprarenal glands in such stress situations formed Heparin-Adrenaline complex by binding Heparin. It was observed that the blood suddenly coagulated as a result of Heparin, which lost its function, and the mice died. The reason for the decrease in Heparin observed in hypertension patients after sea treatment is that the Adrenaline secreted by the body under stress due to cold water binds Heparin and forms the Heparin-Adrenaline complex. Heparin, which is at normal levels in patients, falls below the physiological limit and brings patients closer to infarction. Heparin-Adrenaline complexes cause sudden death and myocardial infarction in patients with hypertension and especially in patients with atherosclerotic plaques in their vessels. In addition, in young people, the body, which is under intense and sudden stress after excessive joy or extreme sadness, increases the release of Adrenaline and causes a decrease in Heparin levels. Heparin, which falls far below the physiological limit, causes sudden death and myocardial infarction even in healthy, young (25 years old) and sterile blood vessels (without atherosclerotic plaque). This infarction was named as sterile infarction.

Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL) digests lipids by using Heparin as a cofactor. In patients with chronic hypertension, diabetes, and atherosclerosis, the amount of lipid taken into the body increases with the consumption of foods containing high lipids. As a result of the increased amount of lipid, the increase in Lipoprotein Lipase enzyme activity also increases the use of Heparin and the level of Heparin in the blood decreases. Decreased Heparin level causes myocardial infarctions in patients with hypertension, diabetes and atherosclerosis after a long-term lipid diet. In an experiment conducted in a sanatorium in Varna, patients with hypertension were divided into 2 groups. The first group was put on a vegetable oil diet, and the second group was put on an animal oil diet. While no decrease was observed in the Heparin values ​​of the patients fed with vegetable oil, a decrease was observed in the Heparin levels of the patients fed with essential oil.

In summary, Heparin combines with the Lipoprotein Lipase enzyme to prevent the conversion of Lipids to Cholesterol.

In order to prevent heparin decreases due to stress and diet, foods containing unsaturated fat should be consumed instead of foods containing saturated fat; A stressful life should be avoided. Pay attention to heparin, let’s protect our heparin.

Soon I will inform you about foods containing Heparin.


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