stroke (stroke)

When the amount of blood flow to the brain is reduced or interrupted
A stroke develops, which manifests itself with complaints that vary according to the function of the affected area.
Stroke is an emergency and prevention of neurological disability with early treatment
possible. The risk of stroke increases with advancing age. However, stroke
There are also preventable or treatable risk factors for: high blood pressure,
• High cholesterol levels, Diabetes Heart diseases, family history of stroke and
Covid-19 infection are risk factors for stroke.
When should we see a doctor:
• sudden numbness and weakness in the right or left half of the body.
• Sudden confusion, inability to speak, or difficulty understanding spoken words
• vision loss/confusion
• Sudden and severe headache of unknown cause
• Persons with sudden walking difficulties, drowsiness, loss of balance and coordination.
He had to consult a specialist doctor.

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