stress fracture


Stress fracture is an increase in pressure in the bone that occurs after the bone is exposed to excessive and intense load, which is usually seen in athletes. It is not actually a fracture. It occurs depending on the edema in the bone.

The first clinical complaint is pain. Pain develops gradually, increases with activity, passes with rest. In advanced cases, the pain may also occur with rest. Pain occurs on the top of the foot or around the ankle. Sometimes swelling may accompany the pain. In advanced cases, there may also be bruising. MRI is a very important method in diagnosis.

In the treatment, it is tried to reduce the intraosseous pressure caused by the patient’s wrong weight-bearing by giving no weight for about 3 weeks, followed by partial weight-bearing for about 3-6 weeks. Physical therapy and rehabilitation during this period are important in maintaining normal foot muscle strength and reducing foot edema.

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