What is stress?

The biological and psychological balance is disturbed and it is rebalanced by adapting to new situations.
It’s a sign that you need to go back.
Stress is an automatic situation that occurs when a situation that exceeds or challenges the person’s ability to cope is perceived.
is the reaction.
Stress is an essential part of life; (The important thing is the ability to cope with stress
to develop)
Stress is the body’s automatic response to various internal and external stimuli.
When stress senses a possible threat to an individual’s emotional or physical state,
It’s a response in your brain.
Stress is a response to pressure.
Problems caused by stress
Mental and Emotional Problems

Since stress and tension cause excessive energy consumption, after a while, the individual feels weak, powerless,
feels the feeling that something bad is going to happen
He has an intense anxiety of uncertain reason. He is nervous.
Suffers from insomnia. Can become an excited person quickly
May have trouble concentrating
May have memory problems, may worry that he has forgotten the things he has learned
Can’t do things they can do easily
Power can tend to delay or hinder things, turning them into obstacles.
3. Behavioral Problems

Excessive addiction to a substance (cigarettes, alcohol, etc.)
difficulty in relaxation,
Negative impact on work efficiency,
Stress symptoms

Stress-related disorders or some common symptoms that cause burnout include:
Heart attack, stroke, being affected quickly by infectious diseases, ulcer, skin related disorders, low back pain,
aging, depression, sexual disorders, high blood pressure, insomnia, muscle aches, extreme fatigue,
drug use and alcohol addiction…
The main effects of stress on the life of the individual are as follows: The deterioration of the psychological structure, which

It manifests as chronic depression or extreme irritability.
The person develops a sense of helplessness and inferiority.
There is a noticeable decrease in physical and psychological energy.
Psychosomatic diseases arise from facing reality.


Poor working conditions and equipment

Interpersonal and environmental relationships
Different value judgments
time spent waiting
Smokers and non-smokers
Social expectations
family environment
Sharing the workload
gender roles
different values
Death or illness in the family
different lifestyles
financial problems
Social, economic and political conditions
rent problem

High crime rate
environmental pollution
technological changes

Ways to Cope with Stress

By managing time well,
Using problem solving techniques,
Avoiding overgeneralizations
By developing interpersonal relationships and social activities,
By engaging in physical activities,
By eating a balanced diet
By learning and practicing relaxation exercises,
We can deal with stress more easily with mental visualization.

Time management

Time management is the only resource we all have equally in the beginning.
People with determination can manage successfully. In order to manage time
It is necessary to be able to make a realistic program that is suitable for their capacity and personality traits. Programs content
If it only covers the tasks that must be done, the program will most likely not work.
In order to make an effective program, besides the obligations, regular sleep, breaks, entertainment, rest,
social activities and activities that can be alternative to possible changes are also included in the program.
should receive.

For example; such as being able to exercise in the room if the planned walk is not possible due to rain

Using Problem Solving Techniques
It is most used on problems that can be controlled. One way can be followed:

Why did the stressful situation occur?

Is it just that person who sees the situation as a problem?
Does the individual have their own contribution?
Are there any other things or people that can contribute?

Are there as many options as possible for the solution?
The individual who seeks answers to these questions will move away from the stressful situation and take a step towards a solution.

We must love ourselves:

We may not need to change every single flaw of ours. Some of our “imperfections” are what make us who we are. one to another
It is healthier to be us than to be similar. For someone else to love us, to make us look alike
It is a more palpable joy than love.

We must take time for ourselves:

We must set aside a certain amount of time per day for ourselves. Our right to be selfish in this time period
has. We should not attempt to share this time period with our loved ones. Your time is yours
should be. You should do whatever makes you happy during this time period. This includes running, walking, reading,
It could be painting, sewing, playing computer games, …. In short, whatever action you choose
Let that action be the one that makes you happy, and there is no harm in turning to this action in your own time.

We must fight our addictions:

Under stress, we may tend to some addictions, especially smoking, alcohol and drug use. same
Lying, embellishing the truth, and exaggeration develop similarly to such addictions. These
These are situations outside of our normal nature, and it takes a certain effort to get rid of them.
makes it.

We must not forget to laugh:

Laughing is an act of relaxation and renewal. When the body laughs, it releases happiness hormones.
Let’s not stay away from wit, sweet little jokes, funny stories. Let’s not be ashamed to laugh.
Love your laughter. Because this laughter tells the world “I am happy”. Don’t silence him.

When we are angry, we must learn to overcome our anger:

When we are angry, instead of venting our nerves or clenching our teeth,
It is better to be able to say “your words are hurting me” instead of saying the bad things that are going through our hearts.
it is useful. When you can easily say that what the other person does to us makes us feel
We can even control the anger of the other person.

Let’s participate in sports activities:

Exercising regularly, keeping the body physically busy with something is both physically and emotionally
it is useful. But let’s not ignore that extreme sports activity is also related to stress.

We should try to eat a regular and balanced diet:

To be able to maintain the chemical balance of our body in the fight against stress and to give it what is necessary in this fight.
In order to give energy, we must eat the right things. In this respect, a healthy and balanced diet is important. Extreme
Fatty or excessive sugary foods can disrupt the physical balance and metabolism of the body.

Ineffective Ways to Cope with Stress

There are wrong methods that people often use in coping with stress.
However, they cause more stress in the long run.

Some of these are those:

Substance Abuse: Smoking or alcohol is a frequently used relaxation tool. Individual with stressful situation
may automatically turn to these items when encountered. However, the harmful effects of alcohol and cigarettes on health,
It is much more than the damage caused by stress in the first place. long-term physiological and psychological dependence
becomes a stress factor in itself.
Binge Eating: While initially comforting, this type of behavior can occur on its own or taken
weight can become an additional source of stress.
Uncontrolled Shopping: Shopping started with the aim of valuing oneself and being able to innovate.
If it becomes impossible, the individual may postpone his wishes and needs after a while due to borrowing.
may experience more intense stress.
Withdrawal: Some individuals may withdraw and become withdrawn in response to stress. Passive with its problems
can avoid confrontation. He can get out of the way, completely ignoring his problems. Stressful in the beginning
Even if he stays away from the event, the problem is not resolved.
Overreacting: Being negatively affected by minor disappointments or changes.
can occur by giving. Temper tantrums towards others, being hurtful, worrying, etc.
are some. Since this behavior becomes a habit, it will make the individual more prone to stress.
may come.
Accumulation: The individual may not react at all in the face of stress and may throw the distress into himself. These savings
When it becomes unbearable, it can react very violently to events that it will not react at all.
As accumulation pushes the capacity, the individual may become more stressed.

Relaxation and Relaxation Exercises

It is the individual’s ability to recognize the tension that may occur in his muscles before tension occurs and to relax it on his own.

The individual who practices the relaxation exercise can do the practice before tense environments or during the day.
He can gain control over his body by taking relaxation breaks.


The individual’s imagination of a situation or environment that relaxes him, the negative feelings and emotions caused by stress
It can help him get away from thoughts and find alternative ways to cope with stress.

Visualization: Imagine yourself in a very comfortable place. what do you feel
try to live. If you have dreamed that you are on the beach, the warmth of the sun on your face, the gentle wind
try to feel. The more details you add to the scene, the quicker and easier you will relax. This
After a short stay in the imaginary place, you will see that you have become more vigorous and calm.

Muscle Relaxation:

It is a method that allows you to both relax and rejuvenate. It is a very easy application.
it only takes a few minutes.

Close your eyes. Without holding your breath, start with your eyes and make all your muscles tense.
provide (not so painfully).
Contract your nose and lips to bring them closer together. Your whole face seems to be in one spot.
Crumple it up as if to put it together.
Bring your chin and shoulders closer to your chest.
Stretch your body with your arms and clench your hands into fists.
Tighten your stomach.
Keep your hips and calves stretched.
Stretch your feet and curl your toes (beware of cramping).
At this point, your entire body should be stretched. Now the last leg you stretched
relax your muscles, starting with your fingers, in order from the end to the top.
Make sure that each muscle is thoroughly relaxed. The process from start to finish will take five minutes.
(during the trial, maybe just a few minutes). These stretching and relaxation exercises are for you.
they will make you relax completely
Breathing Exercises

Close your eyes, just think about the breath you take.
Just think about the ins and outs of your breath.
Use your nose to breathe and your mouth to breathe.
Think through these words over and over as you breathe
“I relax, breathe regularly and smoothly, fresh air fills and leaves my lungs, calmness freshness
I am feeling.”
Inhale 1, 2 times, hold for 3-5 seconds, exhale slowly 3-4 times. Every breathing exercise is like this
5 min. Then stand up slowly and you can return to what you were doing before the exercise.

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