Strengthen Your Relationship

What are the ways to achieve happy relationships?

In order to better protect our bodies and to lead a healthy and quality life, researches provide us with new information almost every day. A healthy diet, regular exercise, staying away from bad habits, etc., strengthen us and protect our physical health. There are things we should and shouldn’t do to strengthen our relationships.

The general definition of relationship is mutual interest, bond, relationship, contact between two things. The relationship we will discuss in this article is the romantic relationship of two people, close relationship, couple relationship, marital relationship, lover relationship. Most intimate relationships start with dreams, and romantic relationships have high expectations. The majority of couples establish their relationship without knowing each other much and with the dream that everything will turn out to be pink under the influence of their emotions. Unfortunately, not every relationship established with beautiful, hopeful dreams and feelings ends with a happy ending or can not be maintained happily. However, this situation cannot be generalized, there are also happy couples. So, what are the differences between happy couples and unhappy couples, who get enough satisfaction from their relationship and those who don’t?

Research on happy couples guides us by revealing what needs to be done for a happy relationship. However, first of all, it would be appropriate to talk about what to do in relationships as well as what not to do. Lack of communication damages relationships and makes problems irreconcilable. Emotional dissatisfaction due to lack of interest is another issue that leads the relationship to a dead end. Damage to the sense of trust, judgmental and accusatory communication style, infidelity, and very different relationship expectations are situations that affect relationships negatively. All these are issues that are encountered in relationships today and that make it difficult for us to manage our relationships, and make it difficult to maintain a happy relationship and get satisfaction in the marital relationship.

But; In addition to being ourselves and feeling our own happiness, we also want to be happy with our partner. For this, the first thing we need to address is that we need to accept that the love in fairy tales has been replaced by more realistic and sustainable relationships. We should focus on the love and belief we have for our partner by determining how much the relationship we dreamed of can be realized in our lives, shaping our expectations accordingly.

We have a stressful life with daily hustle and bustle and heavy responsibilities. Creating an atmosphere of fun and relaxation with our partner will ensure that the time we spend together is positive and that we can relieve our stress together. therefore, it would be beneficial to establish common interests. Because common interests support positive communication and fun between partners. Comparing our lives to other people’s doesn’t change it. In everyone’s life, there may be difficulties and troubles that we do not know. Therefore, instead of making comparisons, we should focus on the positive aspects of our relationship and our partner. Dealing with the negative aspects of the relationship with humor, having a good sense of humor in a relationship helps to make your relationship more fun and lessen the burden of negative emotions.

Any relationship that is not based on unrequited love is not solid. We all need loving relationships and benefit from close social relationships. However, most of us believe that a relationship will complete us, fill the gaps in our lives. However, if we are not happy with who we really are, a relationship will not change that. Relationship is not a necessity. Our relationship may be an important part of our lives, but in fact, we already have what it takes to survive and thrive. Whatever the situation we are in; we have to believe in ourselves and first accept the fact that we can stand on our own. The relationships experienced by people with high self-belief are based on more solid foundations.

Respect your partner’s privacy. You don’t have to see the world from your partner’s perspective, just show respect. Another issue as important as respect is the transfer of mutual love and interest. Everyone, whether male or female, wants to feel appreciated and appreciated by their partner. Everyone likes to be loved and to hear nice words. You should know that your partner will need it as much as you do. Your partner wants to know and feel desired.

Giving importance to communication and mutual understanding is essential for a happy relationship. Learn to communicate instead of just talking. Make an effort to communicate rather than run away or give up. We should not be afraid to talk to our partner by briefly talking about our situation and how we feel, without sarcasm. In this way, it will be possible for us to tell about the situations and problems that we do not like with the communication we will establish. Even if we don’t like our partner’s ideas, we should listen. Showing that you value him despite the differences; It lays the foundation for a healthy relationship. You should always be clear about what you want from your partner.

It will be friendship, mutual respect, admiration, and interest rather than temporary excitement or pleasure that sustains the relationship. Long-term relationships are built on a solid foundation of friendship.

There are problems in every relationship. What is more important than being right or wrong is that the forgiving and tolerant side is on the side that makes an effort and tries to compensate. However, those who make the real effort and feel it will definitely get their rewards in their relationships.

Happy relationships do not occur as a result of coincidence, not only at the beginning of the relationship, but in every period of it, it is necessary to show effort and care and to maintain it.

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