Stop, Notice, Take Action!

In the last 1 year, our lives had to change in many ways. Unfortunately, since it is a situation we have never encountered before, we have difficulty in adapting.


The troubles have reached the level that can even be called a syndrome. But I’m in favor of avoiding naming as much as possible. Because when functional disorders that do not have a single cause, cannot be understood from the outside and cannot be measured with objective tests, are labeled with names, people see this name as an external locus of control and ignore the possibility that they may be in control. And in learned helplessness, they become addicted to living with that label.

Why should we just be spectators for the things we can change?

What caused this pandemic?

• Complete dependence on the digital world

• Forced asociality

• For most people, the monotonous process of home-to-work, work-to-home becomes more monotonous and time passes only at home.

• A nervous system that is triggered by illness anxiety and consumes our constantly alert body.

• Minimal physical activity and on top of that, increasing physical loads that further disrupt the balance (More housework -and this is considered a physical activity-, more uncomfortable non-ergonomic working environments, etc.)

What happened after all?

• Tiredness that we will feel even when we first get up in the morning due to the consuming and not calming nervous system.

• Impaired spinal circulation and persistent pain with increasing loads and decreasing physical activities.

• Increasingly more frequent manifestations of functional pain, which we felt from time to time, but ignored the signals.

What can we do?

• When you first get up in the morning, hear the alarm and immediately activate the alarm of the nervous system! Do you have a stretch that you did years ago and forgot, it’s time to do it 🙂 It only takes 2-3 minutes.

Stand up and take a breath, raise your arms to the sky and feel your legs rooted to the ground. Exhale long and lower your arms slowly, feeling the relaxation all over your body.

• Create “STOP” times for yourself and your body that you forget among all the fuss and mental loads during the day. The times when you turn to yourself, become aware of your existence by breathing, get out of autopilot and just stay in the Now. I think you can set an alarm 4-5 times or it can be a reminder sign that is constantly in sight.

• A 15-minute walk, only by being aware of your steps and arm swings.

• Dance yourself to the rhythm freely to a music of your choice that you play for 10 minutes at home in the evening 🙂

You have reserved only half an hour a day for yourself, your mind and body. I don’t think you should see this favor that you will do yourself too much.

We know; We exist as long as we can adapt to change!

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