Step-by-Step Ways to Thicken Your Hair

Hair is the complement of beauty and the key to self-confidence. Naturally, we all want to have healthy hair that looks lush and well-groomed. However, due to seasonal weather conditions, genetic factors and nutritional deficiencies, we may lose our hair or face thinning. Others have thin and sparse hair from birth. Voluminous and dull hair is an important problem for most people, we can say that people with this structure from birth complain about this situation even more. In this article, we explain what you can do for your weak hair and achieve full and lush hair. If you apply the right methods under expert control, you can ensure that your hair reaches a healthy and voluminous appearance.

Avoid heat styling products

Using heat source products such as straighteners and tongs that help to shape the hair gives your hair more than you think. Hair stylers, one of the most important causes of thinning; First, it causes fractures, and with thinning, it causes spills. As a result, voluminous and dull hair becomes inevitable. Almost everyone is aware of this situation; but we still can’t stop ourselves from using shapers. It can be difficult to stay away from these shapers at first. That’s why we don’t say quit directly, even reducing its use would be a big step. Get used to using your hair in its natural state or take advantage of natural styling methods such as a curler.

Keep track of your split ends

Hair breakage is observed due to various reasons. It is important that these fractures are removed regularly. Otherwise, the hair becomes weak and loses its volume. After a while, the problem of shedding occurs and causes a loss of motivation. You should make it a habit to cut your hair splits every 2 months. In order to prevent the formation of cracks, instead of combing wet, you can choose to comb while drying.

Pay attention to your diet

The biggest secret of healthy hair is a balanced and regular nutrition program. It is also important that you stick to this program you will create. Treat your hair as well as you want, if you neglect a healthy diet, your hair will lose its strength and result in shedding. If you want to make your hair thicker, you should take all the vitamins and minerals your hair needs with methods suitable for your body. Products such as iron, zinc and biotin have an incredible effect on hair health. You should provide this support to your hair, provided that it is followed by a specialist.

stay away from stress

This is an important point, no matter how much we fail to see the damage that stress does to our body. The physical damage caused by the stress of daily life is actually a visible fact. Compared to this, the damage to the hair can now be easily understood. The reason for many unidentified hair loss complaints is actually stress. Hair loss that comes with stress also causes losses and sparseness in the final. If you want to have healthy hair, you should not allow stress in your life.

Do not use products containing chemicals

The chemical products that you use with the thought that they will help your hair care actually weaken your hair and start your shedding complaint, even if you have an existing shedding complaint, it increases it. If you are constantly dyeing your hair or using chemicals for your routine care, your hair becomes more susceptible to shedding. The best thing to do would be to use shampoos with natural ingredients and, if possible, to give up on dyeing your hair.

You can benefit from natural masks

We have just mentioned that chemical products affect hair health negatively. Instead of strengthening the health of the hair, these products cause more damage to the hair due to their ingredients. Alternatively, you can try natural care oils and make masks for your hair with these oils. Olive oil, sweet almond oil and coconut oil; It is one of the most commonly used oils for the protection of hair follicles.

Hair mesotherapy

With this method, the mineral, protein and vitamin components that hair cells need; It is injected into the scalp with a small needle. The components that feed the hair root are transferred to the hair in this way.

Hair PRP treatment

Hair follicles that have started to fall out, have no strength and do not look healthy can be revived with PRP treatment. The PRP method, which is applied by taking a tube of blood of the person; The number of sessions and the frequency of application vary according to the hair structure.

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