Step by Step Toilet Training

Every child will acquire toilet habits in some way, but for some families, this can turn into a nightmare. Each development changes according to the speed of the child. The process of acquiring toilet habits will also vary among children. Timing and readiness of the child are of great importance in toilet training. Mothers usually say it’s summer, but the first thing to check is is the child ready? Toilet training is an appropriate process to be given between 18-36 months. During this period, it is easier for children to acquire the skill as they can control their bladder muscles. As your child’s ability to express himself will increase in this process, they will explain their needs and they will fully understand what you are saying. This process is sometimes started early due to maternal anxiety, but when such a situation occurs, the child will feel inadequate because he cannot do it due to lack of skills. This period will trigger the subsequent trauma of feeling unsuccessful. When he starts school, that is, he usually starts at the age of 3, he may experience a problem of adaptation to school, as the fact that he is wearing diapers will make the child think that he continues to be devoted to his mother.

How do we know when the child is ready?

Toilet training can be considered if your child is taking instructions and tells or shows his needs, stays dry for a few hours, has muscle development that can hold the toilet, has started to do his own self-care skills, is uncomfortable with the wetness of his diaper and reports.

When is it inappropriate?

Starting 18 months before, if your child does not have the above-mentioned features, if there have been changes in life conditions, for example, house change, sibling arrival, loss shows that this process is not suitable for living. The fact that he gives many people while giving toilet training is not suitable for this process. While gaining the habit, it is expected that your child will react such as making mistakes, and if the mother or father shouts, then it will take longer for him to gain toilet habits.

It should not be forgotten that if children experience reflux after gaining toilet habits, there is a problem in their spiritual world. It should not be viewed as a habit-building skill.

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