Stem cells

The cell formed after a fertilized egg proliferates and differentiates to form every organ in the body. These are the main stem cells that can constantly renew and multiply. After the baby is fully formed, these cells take on the task of repairing the organs and keeping the system alive, which are called adult (mature) stem cells. It is these stem cells that we also benefit from.

Stem cells are mostly found in our adipose tissues. There are 1 million stem cells in 150 ml of oil. This amount is 1000 times more than in bone marrow. As we age, our stem cells decrease.

Fat cells are like a balloon and easily burst and perish in fat transfers. Therefore, the chance of success in fat injections varies between 30% and 70% and it is necessary to repeat it to reach the appropriate volume.

However, the success rate in a single application is very high with the stem cell and fat transfers that are separated and concentrated from the fat cells with the newly released device and there is no need for repetitive and laborious procedures.

Especially the fat-stem cell procedures on the face are very successful. Fat and stem cells are taken from the inside of the abdomen, hips or knees, extracted after a procedure of approximately 45 minutes, and injected into the face under local anesthesia. Since stem cells are more robust and permanent, there is no need for large amounts or repetitions as in fat injection.

Since patients use their own tissues, they do not experience allergy or adaptation problems. In addition, by acting directly with the growth factors they stimulate and synthesize, they increase the vitality and circulation of the tissue and rejuvenate it.

It is applied on the cheekbones, especially the cheeks and edges, lips. Moreover successful in filling the depressions in the chin, forehead, face (acne) and body (breast, hip, leg) permanent results are obtained. It can also be used in the rejuvenation of the old hand back.

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