Stem cell application in sports injuries

The possible uses and benefits of stem cells in orthopedic sports surgery are unimaginable. Thanks to the development of cell-based applications such as stem cells, many surgical methods will probably be abandoned in the future and pathologies will be treated in this way. Thanks to technological developments in recent years, many doctors are now trying to understand the problem that causes the disease at the molecular level and try to eliminate the pathology, rather than treating the symptoms of the disease.

Stem cell therapy has not found a desired and widespread use all over the world and in our country due to the increasing curiosity about stem cells, giving exaggerated and unrealistic information in popular media, applications by people who are not competent in this subject, safety standards and ethical reasons. Another problem is that there is still no consensus on the ideal dose, time and frequency of stem cell applications.

Despite all these obstacles, stem cell applications in orthopedics and sports injuries are increasing rapidly. Stem cells promise a serious benefit, especially in all kinds of problems concerning the skeletal system. Currently, clinical studies continue rapidly in many areas (meniscus tears, cartilage damage, cruciate ligament repairs, ligament damage) and even many sports surgeons have begun to enter their routine treatment protocols.

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