Staying in balance in the days of Corona

In this period when the whole world is shaken by the Corona virus, I would like to share with you a few suggestions to protect and balance our mental and physical health. Survival is our most basic motive, and when we perceive a risk, our focus inevitably begins to become this and we begin to feel fear and anxiety. As much as these should be very normal, anxiety with them is very normal. But when it crosses a certain border, it starts to pose a threat. Because we are starting to get stressed and stress is one of the most basic elements that suppress the immune system. When our immune system is suppressed, we become vulnerable to all kinds of diseases. It is very important to consume foods that strengthen our immune system, especially during this period. The more we get stressed, the higher our risk of getting sick. Because body and mind are one. In this period, individuals diagnosed with OCD and anxiety disorder should pay more attention. During this period, their symptoms may increase or their existing disorders may increase. So what are we gonna do? 1-) we need to reduce our news follow-up. When we are anxious, our need for information increases. We find ourselves constantly reading news, watching videos. It’s a natural need, but we need to limit it. Because they affect each other in a vicious circle. So the more we worry, the more we need to know. The more we learn, the more we worry. And we continue to grow in a vicious circle, so we need to reduce news coverage. While following the news, I prefer to listen from scientists who are experts in this subject rather than from people who do not have expertise on the subject. Especially experts in microbiology or infectious disease are a better source of news for me. We should also stay away from fake news on the internet, and we should not believe the truth of the news without confirming it. In this process, we should try to stay within our control area as much as possible. When we say control area, our own behavior, our own habits, our own education, the things we do are all elements that we can control. And when I say uncontrolled area, I mean what we cannot change that is out of our control. Disease, war, weather, learned helplessness, what we need to do in order to affect the elements in the out-of-control area is to take action towards our control area. The corona epidemic has our domain out of control. It is not only in our hands to change this. What can be done about this is to pay attention to our own control area, for example, to pay attention to our hygiene, not to go out, unless we have to, of course, we can pay attention to some things and pay attention to our control area.

Beyond that, worrying does nothing but harm us. You should focus your focus on what you can do as much as possible. Whenever you feel overly anxious about the epidemic, then try to distract yourself with a hobby. You can deal with the work in your homes that you have postponed for a long time. It will be very good for you to deal with flowers, soil and music. Spending time in the control area will do you good. Dealing with the out-of-control area triggers stress and fosters a sense of helplessness. During this period, we need to pay attention to physical health. One of the biggest threats to our physical and mental health is inactivity. Especially those who do desk jobs do not have very active movements. Especially when you are at home, this will increase even more. I would like to emphasize that you pay attention to this. There are exercises that you can do, especially at home. At least 30 minutes of exercise and physical activity every day is good for the soul and the brain. You can also check out the home exercise programs on youtube. If you make this a habit, it will be good for you and your brain. Another thing that will be good for our mental health is to wake up early every morning and open the window and look at the sun and let those rays enter our eyes. These rays will activate hormones associated with feeling good. Breathing exercises are very important. Because at the time of stress, the flow of our breath is disrupted first. If we regulate the first breath while we are stressed, we will quickly get rid of the concrete stress at hand. As soon as we hear the Corona news, we involuntarily worry about the future, both in terms of health and economy. Our thinking, our focus is shifting towards the future. If I get sick or something happens to my child, my mother, my father, my siblings, his fear can be accepted within a certain period of time. But if the frequency has increased and you are constantly worrying about the future, it will cause mental and physical harm. However, perhaps it would be very good to draw attention to him, that is, to here now. By doing mindfulness exercises, meditation, breathing exercises, you can research what mindfulness is in order to attract the mind to it. It will be good for you to do the exercise in that method for 2 minutes every day. Socialization is one of the elements that is good for our soul. However, we try to stay away from face to face as much as possible during this process. At this point, it will be very good for us to make use of technology and have online conversations with our loved ones. In addition, it may be good to read books, watch documentaries, and watch movies, but it is important to choose the ones that will be good for you from the things that are good for your soul, not depressing ones that open your soul. Make sure it’s positive and fun. All of these are the work and daily activities that I do to protect my mental health and stay in balance. I hope we will leave these bad days behind soon.

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