Stain Hazard in Laser

Experts, who stated that it is necessary to be careful in laser hair removal processes, which especially men have been interested in in recent years, “Old model laser epilation devices can cause burns on the skin and then leave a stain mark.r,” he says.

Dermatologist Dr. Nihat Ozkan, “In laser epilation, old model laser epilation devices that do not have a cooling system have the possibility of leaving a burn on the skin and scarring afterward because the light is retained by the melanin pigments in the epidermis, which is the upper layer of the skin.” made a warning. Sometimes after laser hair removal 5-10 minutesEmphasizing that sometimes redness may occur for up to half an hour, Özkan gave the following information:
“Anyone who has completed the age of 12, has dark hair and does not have a condition or condition that prevents them from using the laser during the dermatologist examination and consultation can have laser epilation. The intervals given to laser epilation sessions vary between 4 and 8 weeks depending on the region. No pain is felt during the treatment. It may just feel like a sting like a tire bump. Only female patients may feel more pain during menstruation because the body’s pain threshold is low. The same situation is observed in fasting patients.

Immediately after the application, a burning sensation and redness may occur on the skin, resembling a mild sunburn, which will disappear within a maximum of a few hours. The laser beam is not harmful to the skin. The laser beam, which does not have side effects such as infection, cancer, does not damage tissues such as lymph, mammary glands or reproductive organs. Before starting laser epilation treatment, the person should be seen and evaluated, if necessary, the cause of hair growth should be investigated by a dermatologist, and analyzes and examinations should be performed.

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