Spring Will Come Again

Yes, we have reached the end of this winter and came to spring, just like the spring of every winter. As April is ending, we are already halfway through May. Hearing the word spring is enough to revive the souls of most of us, and in many it invites spring depression.

Human psychology is affected by many situations, as well as by the seasons.

While nature changes in spring, the soul of a person can also change.

When spring comes, some symptoms such as not getting out of bed, weakness, not enjoying life, apathy, loss of energy, and attention problems begin to be observed. Corona days, which are difficult with these symptoms, are getting a little harder.

It is now known by all of us that the serotonin hormone increases in spring and summer with the effect of sun rays. However, if the person does not meet his physiological needs such as healthy and regular nutrition and sleep in this process and has a personality pattern that is biologically prone to depression, spring depression is inevitable.

Seasonal depression can occur at any age, and the age of onset is known as the 20s. Having diseases such as bipolar disorder, depression in the family history, being a woman, difficult living conditions, severe physical illnesses, areas that benefit from less sunlight increase the risk.

As personality structure; Predisposition is seen in people who have low self-confidence, are introverted, tend to look pessimistic about themselves and those around them, are weaker in human relations and have a more limited stress tolerance.


Sunlight should be used as much as possible,

Attention should be paid to sleeping hours, troublesome issues should be avoided before going to bed,

A healthy diet should be given importance, especially fatty foods should be avoided, greens and fruits should be included in every meal, supplements should be taken from vitamins A, C, and E to strengthen the immune system, drink plenty of water,

New goals should be set,

We should be interested in humor, be able to laugh, learn it if we can’t laugh.

Positive thoughts should be developed,

A warm shower should be taken every day,

Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed excessively.

Although you pay attention to all these areas, if you do not experience a decrease in your psychological and physical complaints, it would be appropriate to consult a specialist.

In addition, it is necessary to consider the conditions we are in. The fight against the corona virus still continues both in our country and in other countries of the world. We started the process of “Controlled Normal Life”. Spring has come and we started to see many people – including the elderly and children – outside during the day, whether forbidden or not.

As such, the stress of people who take care to stay at home began to increase. Those who want to protect themselves and their environment but stay at home, and those who say, in the worst case, that we will gain immunity, are also faced with. Please continue to stay at home and respect those who stay at home.

I end my article with this year’s motto..

If we want to be with our loved ones next spring, let’s stay at home this spring..

Spring will come again, as long as you stay healthy..

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