Spring fever

exp. Clinical Psychologist Dila Soğancı said, “Spring fatigue brings with it the warming air as it passes from winter to spring. A person’s lifestyle, personality, and morale can affect whether he or she has severe or mild spring fatigue, and the person’s tendency to depression also changes the rate of feeling spring fatigue. Spring fatigue can usually recover in a month, but it is also quite confused with depression.


Medicana International Samsun Hospital Exp. Clinical Psychologist Dila Soğancı says that in people with spring fatigue, attention deficit and concentration disorder, muscle and shoulder, back, neck pain, joylessness, excessive irritability, sleep rhythm disorder, difficulty falling asleep or sometimes excessive sleeping, headaches, stress and emotional fatigue He stated that he had intestinal or stomach ailments and memory impairment.

30 minutes every day for sports or fresh air. Stating that walking increases the serotonin hormone, Soğancı said, “First of all, it is to evaluate the lifestyle. As the sleep order is important in every field, it is very important for people who experience spring fatigue to sleep regularly and wake up fresh. Falling asleep by staying away from technological devices and going to bed and waking up at the same time every day reduces fatigue and stress. While the hormone serotonin gives happiness, energy and vitality to the person, its deficiency causes feeling depressed and tired. If there is no time to take a walk in the pace of daily life, people can go to work or shopping on foot. Evaluating the sun is an important factor in spring fatigue. Insufficient sunlight can disrupt the order of chemicals in the brain and make the person more depressed.

Mentioning the ways to reduce spring fatigue, Soğancı said, “It is necessary to stay away from stressful environments or lifestyles in order to reduce spring fatigue. Lots of relaxation exercises should be done. It is necessary to reduce caffeinated drinks, drink plenty of water and pay attention to weight control by eating healthy.

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