Spring depression and solution options

In these days, when we make a rapid entrance from the summer months we are in, to the autumn, most people have a depressive state due to the change of seasons. Among the symptoms of this tired and depressed mood, which is called spring depression, there are different symptoms such as getting tired quickly, lack of enthusiasm, irregularities in nutrition and sleep.

Not everyone may feel the same degree of spring depression, which causes a decrease in functionality in daily life and business life. The results of the research show that spring depression is more common in people with depressive tendencies.

Solution Options for Spring Depression

Care can be taken to make the spaces you use in your daily life brighter and more spacious. This may serve to meet the need for melatonin, which is experienced with the decrease of daylight.

You can try to spend more time outside.

Regular exercises can be done at certain periods on a daily or weekly basis.

It can be noted that meal and sleep times are at regular times.

Work can be done on improving stress management skills.

The level of satisfaction can be increased by socialization.

If it is thought that this depressive mood cannot be coped with and this situation causes a decrease in functionality in daily life, help from a specialist can be sought.

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