Spouses in a Healthy Marriage

“What is our expectation from life”? A wide variety of answers can be given to his question, but “happy and s The wish of “having a healthy family” is perhaps the most well-known. happy family s In order to cry, the family institution also has basic requirements. of the family institution The foundations must be healthy.

A healthy family forms the basis of a healthy society. A healthy family is powered by a healthy husband and wife relationship.

A healthy marital relationship has a power that creates positive effects on the mental and physical health of individuals. When family members face any problem or problem, they act rationally. In healthy families, the roles are clear and complement each other.

A healthy couple relationship lies at the heart of the family. A stress-laden husband-wife relationship is directly stressful to all members of the family. The communication skills of the spouses, their understanding with each other, their love and affection towards each other are the strongest keys for their children to protect their mental health. They cope very well with stressful events. They take responsibility for every problem in their life.

The factor that makes communication between spouses effective in marriages is that spouses take each other’s thoughts, ideas and feelings into consideration. Couples with healthy communication trust each other and express their opinions without fear of being judged.

Spouses in a Healthy Marriage;

• They are loyal to each other and have feelings of trust.

• They are also friends of each other.

• They both love and respect each other.

• They know how to accept each other as they are.

• They have common goals/dreams for the future.

• They manage to resolve conflicts in a healthy way.

• They can express their feelings and thoughts to each other clearly, without fear or anxiety, and they do not criticize or judge each other.

• They support each other’s personal development.

• They have a regular and healthy sex life.

• They make plans to spend time together and enjoy their time. • They easily solve their problems arising from financial issues together. • They do not experience much conflict arising from each other’s families and draw their own family boundaries.

• They have common ideas about raising children.

• During discussions, they take care not to use words that will hurt each other. • They do not use physical and psychological violence against each other.

A Healthy Family Starts With a Healthy Husband and Wife Relationship

Families have critical importance on the physical, emotional, spiritual and social development of their children. The basis of a healthy family is a healthy marital relationship. A family life with healthy communication between spouses is taken as a model by children. Positive emotions and feelings such as love, respect, kindness, understanding, tolerance, patience that husband and wife show to each other.

attitudes are observed by children. Spouses’ skills in communication and conflict resolution also set an example for the rest of the family. Children learn and demonstrate how to react in the face of adversities such as stress, conflict, and frustration, mostly based on their parents’ reactions. Children who exhibit behaviors such as anger or aggression, especially at school age, usually have such characteristics in their families.

What are the Benefits of a Healthy Marriage?

Studies show that;

• The physical and mental health of individuals with a healthy marriage is better than those who are not married. Married individuals are less likely to die from a heart attack, have liver cirrhosis, and attempt suicide than unmarried individuals.

• Married people have a longer life expectancy than unmarried people. • Married people have higher income levels than unmarried people.

Studies have shown that the same results do not apply to couples living together before marriage. In addition, it has been determined that individuals in unhealthy marriages in which spouses exhibit negative and hostile attitudes towards each other have weaker immune systems and get sick more often, tend to be more depressed, their children get sick more easily, and their level of adjustment is low compared to healthy marriages.

Every marriage is as special as a fingerprint.

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