Spot treatment with laser

In the upper part of the skin, on the superficial epidermis layer, dark colored spots may occur compared to the skin, after injuries or structural reasons, as a result of the effect of the sun, the effect of rising hormones during pregnancy. These occur in areas that receive the most sun, such as the face, hands, and back. What happens here is that the cells in the skin called Melanocyte, which are responsible for making the skin color, make an excess of dyestuff (pigment) for the reasons mentioned above.

The rays produced from Laser and Intense Pulsed Beam devices are kept in this pigment layer according to the selected wavelength, creating heat. With this heat effect, the pigmented area is affected and damaged, while the normal colored skin area is preserved. The main thing here is to determine the appropriate light type and intensity according to the darkness of the pigment, that is, the stain and the difference in tone with the skin. This explains why these procedures should be performed by a specialist doctor.

It usually takes several applications to remove the stain, sometimes even reducing the stain gives satisfactory results. Since the cleaned spots have a risk of reoccurring with the effect of the sun, sunless season should be preferred for application. Protection from the sun is especially important for dark-skinned people. In addition to sunscreens, if necessary, it is supported with drugs that reduce pigment production.

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