Sports Nutrition and Carbohydrates and Pre-Workout Nutrition Recommendations

The purpose of sports nutrition;It is to ensure that the nutrients needed and the energy spent are taken according to gender, age and sports.

A diet tailored for athletes who want to be successful will help meet their needs and improve performance.

Importance of Carbohydrates for Athletes;

Carbohydrates are the main energy source for our brain and central nervous system. It is the primary fuel for most exercises as it can be used in both anaerobic and aerobic energy systems. Inadequate carbohydrate consumption for athletes greatly affects performance. Especially when glycogen stores are depleted, carbohydrate consumption during exercise can be recommended to prevent fatigue in athletes. It is recommended to consume foods with a low and medium glycemic index before and during exercise, and to consume foods with a high glycemic index in order to recover quickly after exercise. (For example; Pasta, corn, rice pilaf, white bread, etc.) As the training intensity increases, the need for carbohydrates increases.

In the diet 2-3 hours before the training;

Foods containing carbohydrates + protein can be preferred two to three hours before because there is enough time to digest before training/competition.

For example;

• Apple, pear, orange, peach, banana+ skimmed milk or cereal bars,

• Plenty of fluids such as water or sports drinks can be consumed to maintain electrolyte balance and glycogen stores.

Feeding 4 Hours Before Training;

Four hours before the training, the athlete can consume a main meal consisting of carbohydrates + protein.

For example;

• Sandwich made with turkey on two slices of whole grain bread, fruit yoghurt and water or sports drink

• Lean meat spaghetti, bread, salad dressing and sports drink or this


If the athlete has a specific meal plan prior to training/competition, it must be adhered to. Newly tried diets may disturb the athlete during training/competition and cause poor performance.

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