Sports Nutrition

The performance of the athlete and the continuity of his success are hidden in the nutrition of the athlete. When the athlete eats healthily with the appropriate lifestyle, accompanied by appropriate training, his performance increases significantly.

Nutritional order and nutritional requirements differ according to the type of sport that the athlete does, the duration and frequency of the sport. Some athletes apply a strategy called carbohydrate loading, while others do not.

The nutrition of the athlete before and after the training is also important. If the athlete chooses the appropriate nutrients he needs before the training, race or competition, he gets the necessary resources before the race and his performance increases. After the race, the lost energy should be stored with appropriate nutrients.

Another issue in sports nutrition is fluid consumption. The amount of fluid lost with sweat is higher than that of normal people, and therefore, which drinks to use to replace the lost water should be determined by a dietitian.

Ergogenic aids attract the attention of many athletes today; however, the types, active ingredients, doses and possible side effects of ergogenic aids should be well known. Athletes should consult a dietitian in order to suffer material and moral losses.

Those who have an active sports life should be careful against some diseases seen in athletes. Excessive water loss of the body, water intoxication and the athlete-female triad in women negatively affect the athlete. The absence of such problems is important for the athlete to continue his professional life.

Many of the athletes, especially those competing in the weight category, have a fear of gaining weight, and that’s why sometimes athletes resort to rapid weight loss methods. Eating disorders also lead to a decrease in the performance of the athlete.

Our aim is to prepare a healthy nutrition program for the athlete, taking into account the living standards, body structure and branch of the athlete, and thus contributing to his success.

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