Speech disorders in children

The problems that people experience with speech cause problems in many areas of life. Early intervention and resolution of these disorders accelerates the individual’s socialization, self-expression and self-confidence development.

Do you know your child’s receptive language age?

You can follow your child’s language development with the “Peabady Vocabulary Test”.

Do you want to follow your child’s development?

This is possible with Akte and Denwer 2 tests.

Could your child have “Delayed Speech”?

Does your child communicate easily with peers?

Does your child pronounce words or letters incorrectly?

Does he stutter while talking?

Does he speak fluently and effectively?

Or Do you avoid talking because you can’t make out some letters?

If you want to learn about your child’s or you’s shortcomings under expert supervision and accompanied by tests and complete the deficiencies, please make an appointment. Do not forget that with the therapy and support programs applied for language and speech disorders, successful results are obtained at any age.

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