Speech Difficulties and Technological Devices

Specialist Speech Therapist Yasemin Tekin gave vital warnings about technology products that have taken up a large part of our lives, especially in recent years.

Noting that while there was only one television in the past, today we have become intertwined with countless technological materials such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, and this creates threats on children the most. If there are people whose development has not been completed, these devices are the main reason.


Since such technological devices are designed in such a way that everyone can use them, the use of these devices by children is not an indicator of intelligence,” Tekin said in his statement. negatively affects speech development. On the contrary, the sounds produced by these devices unilaterally will turn into background noise in children after a certain period of time, which will fill the empty consciousness of children. In devices that prevent communication, such as television, children do not develop expressive language because they only use the receiving language. This causes delayed language and speech. Since their empty consciousness is filled with a lot of unnecessary information, other problems such as difficulty in making eye contact, concentrating, perceiving what is being said, and communicating.


Emphasizing that the effects of such devices are not only limited to speech, but also seriously increase the symptoms of autism in children, Tekin completed the warnings as follows: “Autism begins before the age of three and lasts for life, harms social interaction and communication, and leads to borderline and repetitive behaviors. It is a disorder that interferes with brain development. Not only the child suffering from the disease, but the whole family has to suffer this problem for the rest of their lives.

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