Special periods in women’s life.


menstrual cramps ( DISMENORE) It represents a very important problem in women’s life. The magnificent t, which has built its existence on reproduction These pains suggesting that abiat punishes the woman because there is no pregnancy in a wasted ovulation period.It can become a situation that can be unbearable for many women and that requires medical help.

Usually young adult 50% of young girls painful menstruation. Severe cramps, which sometimes start 1-2 hours before and last for 2 or even 3 days, are often accompanied by menstrual bleeding. nausea and vomiting and even fainting It can even accompany. It is known that painful menstruation may occur more frequently in ovulation menstrual bleeding. In the mechanism of pain prostaglandinSome hormone-based substances that push the uterus to contract violently are accused.

Often times about when parents and young adults meet with a gynecologist decision making is difficult is provided. Indeed, if If the pains can be controlled with simple painkillers, there is no other gynecological problem, especially if the mother has a history of painful menstruation in this way, it is not necessary to force the young girl to a gynecology consultation that she may find antipathetic.If the pains started to be very severe and affect school or work life ( up to 15% of all painful periods are like this)If the pain continues to increase in the following months, at least pelvic ultrasound examination and laboratory evaluation should be planned. Endometriosis(It is a disease that can cause infertility and is encountered in approximately 10-15% of all infertility cases), vascular fullness pains, uterine tumors, ovarian cysts, genital tract inflammations, some congenital uterine anomalies, stenosis in the cervical canal are some of the possible causes. Early diagnosis of such diseases is important because of the success of treatment methods.

Moreover hot application to the lower abdomen, Standing for a long time in painful periods and staying away from sports such as walking, not forgetting that excessive fatigue and cold can increase complaints, and increasing fibrous foods to prevent constipation are among the measures that can be counted.

Nature has really set up flawless mechanisms in all its organizations with the experience of billions of years.

Menstrual pains and premenstrual tension syndromes are actually steps of the reproductive mechanism that have meanings in themselves.

However, human beings who do not know how to use, feed and care for the extraordinary body given to them in accordance with its purpose and creation will be doomed to experience these small steps as a problem.

A healthy diet, a way of life that tries to be purified from toxins, and a body that is exercised with regular sports and exercise will create fewer problems in all matters, and will once again reinforce our admiration for this extraordinary organization of nature.

We wish you to stay healthy and peaceful,

Associate Professor Omer SUDEKAN

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