Special diet list for businessmen

Men, who are more willful about diet than women, have a hard time not eating at meals and meetings. In the meal eaten with friends, the dose of the meal can be missed with the conversation. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Müge Aksu says that if people on a diet stay away from social activities, they will become more nervous, so people should not go away from their daily lives by paying attention to the amount of portions.

What kind of diet program is recommended for businessmen, how should businessmen who travel frequently, how to eat, should a man on a diet never drink alcohol, men and sports, the ideal weight of a man and more…

What distinguishes the male diet from the female diet? Do men lose weight more easily? Do women or men fit better with diet programs?

“Men’s body working rates (Basal Metabolic Rates) are higher than women. They have more muscle mass and less fat. For this reason, they can lose weight much more easily than women. By eating more, they regain their form in a short time.

Because men have more muscle mass, their energy needs also increase. Therefore, it is important for them to take adequate carbohydrates and protein in their daily consumption in order to maintain muscle mass. Compared to women, the amount of protein they take should be more. In Turkey, the life expectancy of men is shorter than that of women. Especially in terms of coronary artery diseases and cardiological diseases, they constitute a high-risk group compared to women. Therefore, the amount of fiber and pulp should be increased. Vegetable and fruit consumption should definitely take place during the day; should take care to eat fiber bread (brown bread). Legumes should be added to the diet 2-3 days a week. The oilseeds group is particularly effective in preventing prostate cancer in men. Hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, peanuts should be included in our diet by paying attention to their quantities. Again, the daily intake doses of A Vit, C Vit, K Vit in men are higher than in women.

Men, like women, see dieting as starvation. So they think they can’t follow the diet. Although it is difficult for them to be persuaded, their adaptation to the diet is high when they receive the necessary training and learn the right nutrition. When men decide to go on a diet, they are more determined and more loyal to the diet than women. When we can realize the purpose of making diet a lifestyle for men or women and placing it in our lives, there will be no problem in terms of continuity. Determination and willingness are essential to success. Problems arise for both sexes when the duration of the regime exceeds what you originally set. The person gets bored, his motivation decreases, his craving for the foods he stays away increases. For comparison, men; they prefer shorter-term diets than women.”

How do travels, meetings and meals affect business people’s weight loss programs?

“Meal patterns, hours and portion sizes change during travels. It is more difficult to withstand insistence, especially at meals and meetings. It is often not easy to set limits on the amount of alcohol. During the conversation at dinner with friends, we can go far beyond what we should eat without being noticed. In business meetings; We may not be able to refuse the food that comes before us. In different countries, different food cultures can disrupt our diet. It makes it difficult to comply with the diet.

Reducing or withdrawing from social activities can increase tension in the dieter. Therefore, it is necessary not to get away from our daily life by paying attention to the portion amounts.”

What kind of diet program do you recommend to businessmen who travel frequently?

“The main thing in travel is to learn to make choices. With nutrition education, the client will learn this. The system does not change. Feeding will continue for no more than 4-5 hours. The goal is to make up for that meal with the best we can find, even if it’s not on our list. Trying not to skip meals. Even a cup of coffee from milk and 1-2 servings of dried fruit in between meals will help us to be fuller for the next meal. It will be easier for us to control ourselves.

In general, there will be a meat-based program for lunch and dinner during travels. More calorie-dense foods such as pasta – pizza – sandwiches should be preferred at lunch, and a meal such as fish – meat – chicken + salad + bread should be preferred in the evening.

Should a man not drink alcohol at all while on a diet? Which alcohols are lower in calories? How much alcohol per week can a man on a weight loss program get away with? How can a man who abstains from alcohol while on a diet make up for it later?

“If there is no health problem and there is regular alcohol consumption, being able to remove alcohol from people’s daily life will only be successful in the short term. Men’s alcohol preferences are usually raki, beer and whiskey. If we absolutely want to drink alcohol; We recommend the consumption of wine for prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The ratios in the diet vary according to the amount of alcohol that men drink, but we can tolerate 2 glasses of wine or raki a week.

Since alcohol prevents the use of our sugar stores in the liver, it causes hunger more quickly afterwards. It increases the desire for sweet and snacking and is stored directly as fat. Men who drink alcohol are especially risky in terms of fatty liver and should be careful.

The next day we drink alcohol, fluid consumption becomes important. Since alcohol changes the Na-K balance in the body, the amount of water should be increased. Herbal teas can also be preferred to increase fluid intake. A diet rich in vegetables and fruits will be appropriate. Sport is also a suitable option in the compensation of leaks. We can increase the duration of the sport we do the day after we drink alcohol.”

Is it an advantage that men do not choose sweet foods such as chocolate and cake as much as women?

“Yes, a big advantage. Especially when women are unhappy, their need for chocolate and sweets increases during their menstrual period. Most men do not like to eat sweets and chocolate. Their fugitives are usually alcohol and snacks. It’s not chocolate though, but the number of my male patients who like to eat sweets is not few. Their preferences are usually sherbet desserts.”

Do you think that having snacks other than the main meals makes it difficult for businessmen? (Meeting, travel etc…)

“It can be difficult until you get used to it. When snacks are added, both men and women can spend the day much more comfortably and suppress their hunger. And because they are not hungry, they can fit into their schedules much more easily.”

What kind of snacks do you recommend to businessmen?

“Fruit, dried fruit, milk / buttermilk, dried fruit, coffee from milk, freshly squeezed fruit juice, diet biscuits, roasted chickpeas, toast or small sandwiches, hazelnuts – walnuts – almonds can be used as snacks by paying attention to the portion amounts.”

It is said that men do not like to eat salads and carry sandwiches with them like women. Do you also encounter such resistance in your male patients?

“Men are a little more prepared. Especially young people who go to school and men who work out of the office prefer foods that they can easily reach because they do not carry bags with them. Unless it is very necessary, I prefer to lose weight with a program that they can fit into their lives, find easily, and most importantly, continue after they reach the weight we want. After providing the necessary motivation, they can surprisingly make an effort to comply with the diet. I have clients carrying fruit and sandwiches with them; even in our male patients who ate hazelnuts and almonds by counting them one by one.”

What is the place of sports and exercise in men’s weight loss? What type of exercise do you recommend?

“Exercise is invaluable in terms of losing weight from fat. It has been observed that people who exercise regularly have a high metabolic rate even during rest. Exercise increases our calorie expenditure. The energy-consuming effect of sports continues not only during the movement, but also after the end of the exercise. Our muscles get stronger, our energy increases and it makes us feel more fit.

In order for an overweight man to lose weight, he needs to do fitness-cardio movements that will enable all body muscles to work. Walking, running, swimming, cycling, basketball… Weight training will not be suitable for weight loss. The time, intensity and duration of starting sports are important. It should definitely be under the control of your dietitian, doctor and, if any, your sports coach. It is necessary to examine whether there is a problem in your heart and other body functions.

Lack of time is the biggest factor preventing continuing sports. For this reason, it is best to bring an activity that we love and that we can continue into our lives.”

What do men prefer for snacks while watching TV? What kind of nutrition program do you suggest at night in front of the screen?

“Men; They like to snack on cookies, chips, beer while watching the TV, watching the match and sitting with their friends. Consuming foods high in calories and fat, especially at night, causes weight gain. It has been stated as a result of studies that snacking in front of the TV affects people negatively and that we want to eat every time we go in front of the TV. For this reason, it is not recommended to eat in front of the computer, TV, or read the newspaper at the desk. Fruit, chickpeas, milk, fruit yogurts can be eaten as a snack all night long.”

How to determine the ideal weight of a man?

“The ideal weight is calculated with the Body Mass Index (BMI) value. BMI shows us the weight proportional to height. It is found as BMI (BMI) = Weight / height’. This value should be between 19 – 25 values. Now, it is talked about reaching the optimal weight instead of the ideal weight. It is the weight that people can maintain when they land and feel fit and healthy. If a 110 kg man has not lost 80 kilos throughout his life, even if the BMI value is calculated as 75, the goal should not be to go down to this weight. Even a 5-10% loss of your current weight both increases our quality of life and reduces our risk of getting diseases.

Everyone’s body structure, muscle mass and fat ratio are different from each other. The amount of fat and its distribution determines how our body looks. Excess of our muscle mass can increase our weight and cause a high BMI value. The weight and BMI values ​​of men who build bodies or engage in active sports are also high, but their fat ratio is low and their muscle mass is high. For this reason, the residual fat ratio should be determined and the weight to be based on this value should be determined.

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