Special children require special attention

In order for children with special needs to use their potential at the highest level and adapt to social life, it is important to start early education programs that will change their lives. In order to start this education, families should share the differences they see in the child with a specialist, and if the result of the evaluation is significantly different from their peers, a program that will improve the child’s specific development and learning level should be prepared. It can be difficult for families to accept the situation and start education after diagnosis. In order to manage the process well and to get the highest efficiency from special education, professional support can be obtained from the family.

In which diagnoses do children need special education?

Autism, dyslexia (reading difficulty), hearing or vision impairment, orthopedic disorders, problems with speech and language development, traumatic brain injury, intelligence (cognitive development) problems, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyscalculia (difficulty with math), dysgraphia (difficulty with writing) ), aphasia (speech disorder), special education is needed in the difficulties experienced in the field of learning.

You can apply to hospitals or psychiatry clinics to get a diagnosis. Detailed evaluation of the child is made by the psychiatrist. If it is determined by your doctor that he needs special education, the necessary guidance will be given.

In addition to special education, family and environmental attitudes are very important for the child. After the diagnosis, the state of panic and anxiety in the family is reflected in the child. The child, who is not fully accepted in the family environment and you feel inadequate, will get the same feeling from his social environment over time. Because no one will respect the child that you accept and do not respect. Anxiety, aggressive behavior and stubbornness, which are common in special children, are due to this disapproval. In addition, since anxiety makes learning difficult, it seriously undermines private teaching. We must get rid of the mentality that sees children as garbage, from whom we can extract the ore from them with the right education and approach. With this mentality, we condemned many children to live as if they did not exist. In addition, you should raise your own children sensitively, even if there are no diagnosed children in your home or around you. Children placed in classes for inclusion with special education are exposed to peer bullying. It has even been observed that some teachers do not want special children on the grounds that they disrupt the classroom order. These children we exclude have as much right to live as you do. All of them are diamonds, they just need to be processed, that is, they need special attention and affection for their situation. Stay healthy..

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