Voice hygiene, just like oral hygiene, is a collection of behaviors that we must personally follow and comply with in daily life. By doing some things and not doing some things, we can ensure that our voice is healthier, that we encounter less sound problems and that we get rid of these problems as soon as possible.

Some key points about Sound Hygiene

I. Do Regular Audio Exercise

We can compare the benefit that a professional voice user will get from vocal exercises to the physical exercises an athlete regularly performs in order to be successful. Thanks to regular vocal exercises, respiratory support increases, pitch flexibility becomes optimal, and the resonance quality of your voice is at the desired level.

II. Do Regular Physical Exercise

Our voice is the sum of all parts that reflect us physically and spiritually. When a relative has any ailment, we can understand it even when talking to him on the phone. Our physical and spiritual well-being is definitely felt in our voices. Posture disorders and stress-related problems, which can be minimized by physical exercise, have a very large effect on voice.

III. Get Enough Fluid

One of the most important factors for the smooth functioning of our vocal cords is adequate fluid intake. Although it varies according to individuals and their health conditions, 2 liters of water consumed on average in a day is a must for sound hygiene. Water is the ideal liquid for moisturizing the vocal cords and reducing the air pressure that the vocal cords need to function well. Frequent and heavy consumption of caffeine-containing beverages are factors that increase the need for water intake, contrary to meeting fluid needs. Environmental variables such as hot weather or air-conditioned dry environment should also be taken into account when determining the fluid needed.

IV. Avoid Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products

Smoking dries up the secretions in the entire vocal tract, starting from the lips to the lungs, facilitating irritation and predisposing to a chronic inflammation. This may continue until a general sound quality disorder, which is first felt by hoarseness or coarsening of the voice. It should also be kept in mind that long-term use of tobacco substances can cause cancer in the entire vocal tract.

v. Some Practical Advice

Paying attention to the following short suggestions will have a positive effect on your voice:

Regular sleep affects your voice positively.

Not eating or drinking while sleeping at night reduces reflux and protects your sound quality.

Early treatment of upper respiratory tract infections ensures that your voice remains intact.

Many drugs, especially hormones, are effective on your voice, avoid using unnecessary drugs.

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