Sore Throat and Treatment Tips

Sore throat is one of the most common complaints. For this reason, many people undergo examination and treatment.

What Causes Sore Throat?
Sore throat can occur as a symptom of many ailments. Inflammations are the most common cause of sore throat.
causes and they are contagious. Inflammations, mostly viruses (colds, infectious
mononucleosis..) or bacteria (strep, mycoplasma..).

The most important difference between bacteria and viruses is that bacteria are treated with antibiotics whereas viruses are treated with antibiotics.
is not to.

Viruses: Most colds are caused by viruses. Nasal congestion, sneezing, general weakness, sore throat
When present with pain, the probable cause is one of hundreds of known viruses. A lot
They are contagious and cause epidemics especially in winter. The body is about to get rid of this disease with its own struggle.
recovers within a week.

Diseases caused by viruses such as measles, chickenpox and pertussis are also accompanied by sore throat. in the throat
canker sores and thrush are also quite painful.

A virus infection lasting more than a week is also ‘infectious mononucleosis’. This virus attacks the lymph nodes
covers a white membrane. Swelling is seen in the lymph nodes in the neck, armpits and groin. Sometimes sore throat
It even makes breathing difficult and can cause jaundice by affecting the liver. lasting six weeks or longer
can cause extreme fatigue.

This disease is severe in adults and puberty, but is milder in childhood. with saliva
It is also called the ‘kissing disease’ because it passes. However, it can also be passed from mouth to hand and then back to mouth.
can be transmitted. Therefore, the same towels and food containers should not be used.

Bacteria: ‘Strep’ inflammation is caused by a family of bacteria called ‘streptococcus’. inflammation, heart
It can affect the valves (rheumatic fever) and kidney (nephritis). Such microbes, also called scarlet,
They can also cause tonsillitis, pneumonia, sinusitis and ear infections.

Considering the damage that ‘strep’ inflammation can cause, they should be treated with antibiotics.
They often cause a sore throat for longer than the common cold. This bacterial test
is not always detectable, throat culture may be required

Tonsil is the mass of lymph tissue on both sides of the throat that comes to the back of the tongue.
is the name. In some cases, these tissues may harbor microbes. Recent studies have shown that frequent tonsillitis
It has been shown that children who have undergone tonsillarectomy are healthier when their tonsils are removed.

The most dangerous throat inflammation is the inflammation of the structure called ‘epiglot’ located at the entrance of the throat. This situation
It is urgent because it can block the airway. It is very painful to swallow, drooling from the mouth and
suspected in cases where breathing becomes difficult.

Allergy: Those with hay fever and allergies, such as runny nose, sneezing, post-nasal drip, nasal congestion
Along with their complaints, they also feel a sore throat. The same pollen and molds that bother the nose,
They can also irritate the throat.

Those who are allergic to cats and dogs complain of sore throat when they are with such animals.
they may be. House dust is also one of the common causes of allergies and especially in dry air in winter due to heating.
they cause inconvenience.

Irritation: In winter, with the effect of the dry air formed as a result of heating the houses, increased especially in the mornings.
There may be a sore throat felt. This can be avoided by humidifying the room and taking fluids. nasal congestion
Throat dryness and pain can also be seen in people who constantly breathe through their mouths. Nose examination
and required treatment.

One of the reasons for sore throat in the morning is that the acidic stomach contents get into the throat. your bed
It is helpful to keep your head fifteen or twenty centimeters higher. Something for a few hours before going to bed
You must not eat. Medications that are good for stomach acid may be helpful. If these do not help, consult a doctor.
You should apply.

People who are allergic to industrial air pollution and chemical substances in the air cannot tolerate it.
Other irritants are alcohol and spicy foods.

In a person who shouts excessively in a competition or in another place, both the fatigue of the neck muscles and the
Sore throat is also seen due to irritation of the throat. Well-trained announcers and singers how to clear their throats
They know they will protect.

By taking deep breaths, they can make loud noises by using their chest and abdominal muscles instead of their throat muscles.

Tumors: Tumors of the throat, tongue, and trachea are mostly, but not always, long-term smoking
and alcohol use. Sore throat and difficulty in swallowing, sometimes reflected in the ears, can be such a symptom.
may be a sign of a tumor.

Sore throat is mostly long-lasting and mild. Other important complaints, voice disorder, swelling in the neck
unexplained weight loss is blood in saliva or sputum.

How Can I Treat My Sore Throat?
– You have increased your fluid intake (hot tea with honey is a well-known folk remedy.)

– Have a humidifier or steam source in your bedroom.

– Gargle your throat many times a day with salt water (a quarter of a tablespoon of salt in half a glass of water).

– You can use mild painkillers.

– You can use lozenges that numb the throat.

When should we go to the doctor?

If sore throat caused by a simple cold lasts longer than five to seven days,
If it’s not an allergy or irritant that you can avoid, you should see a doctor. The following symptoms
You should be warned to consult a doctor:

– Severe prolonged sore throat

– Difficulty in breathing

– Difficulty in swallowing

– Difficulty opening the mouth

– Joint pains

– Earache

– rash

– Fever (above 38 degrees)

– Recurrent sore throat

– Neck swelling

– hoarseness lasting more than two weeks

When Should I Take Antibiotics?

Antibiotics are drugs that stop the growth of bacteria or kill them. Physician often has a sore throat
When he suspects ‘strep’ type bacteria causing ‘strep’, he prescribes antibiotics such as penicillin and erythromycin.
However, some types of bacteria are not affected by penicillin, so other antibiotic groups must be used.

Antibiotics do not kill viruses, but viruses weaken a person’s resistance to bacteria. This kind of
If mixed inflammation occurs, antibiotics may be necessary.

The antibiotic should be taken exactly as prescribed by the physician when prescribed.
should be used. Otherwise, the inflammation will remain under pressure, and may recur when the drug is discontinued.

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