Somatization disorder and emotional check-up

My professional experience has shown that every cell has a soul. If people are in negative affect, it causes a disturbance in their body or soul. If heavy negative affect reflects on bodily organs, the disorder we call somatization occurs. For example, a person who is unhappy in his marriage begins to suppress and hide his feelings instead of showing them after enduring the passive-aggressive pressures or physical anger of the person he is with for a while. This suppression creates severe negative affect in the person and reveals physical problems that cannot be explained medically. Sometimes, although medicine explains the physical problem, it only focuses on the symptoms (headache, stomach pain, herniated disc, etc.) and after one problem is over, another one comes to light. We acknowledge that these pains and symptoms are real and felt, but we should also remind that the factors that cause them may be of emotional origin.

If emotional symptoms are not intervened with psychotherapy and counseling processes, the medications given do not cause the pain to disappear, even though it causes the pain to go away. This can only be resolved by working on the emotion that causes the pain.

We see the same picture for allergies. When we examine the emotions that cause allergies in adults and children, we see that allergy is actually a discomfort that is caused by emotional problems and has a solution. In addition, we have learned through studies that many of the heart diseases are due to stress.

We know the importance of publications that state the importance of food in the process of having a baby and that our second gut, which ensures the absorption of food, is called the second brain. At the same time, the confusion in emotional states about having a child is one of the factors that prevent having a baby. If one of the couples wants to have a child, if the other does not, disruptions may occur in the processes necessary for having a child. Then IVF treatments come into play; long, tiring and expensive treatment processes are experienced. Here, people’s excitement about being a mother and father can be mixed with the anxiety of ‘what if’. In this case, even if everything is clear, it can unconsciously prevent the baby from holding and growing in the mother’s womb. It is now accepted by many IVF specialists that psychological support can increase the success of the treatment in terms of maintaining the new treatment even when the treatment is negative.

Your health problem may be migraine, psoriasis, allergy, heart palpitations, herniated disc, fainting, stomach pain, reflux, earache, infertility of unknown cause, breast cancer, cancer etc. How about having an EMOTIONAL CHECK-UP while receiving medical support?

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