Be prepared for social pressure
Dieters are constantly followed and criticized by their environment. Those who follow a diet enter into a desire to eat under the influence of social pressure.
Mothers begin to fear as their children get weaker. Make your diet decision that they supported at first. ‘Did you give too much, did you give fast, did you lose your strength’ They begin to question. Maternity concerns come into play.

If the person cannot regulate his/her eating behavior, cannot diet, cannot lose weight, the person who is dieting and losing weight is quite disturbing. This person may also be a member of your family.
If one of the spouses is on a diet and is losing weight, the spouse may start to feel very uncomfortable with this situation. As the dieter gets weaker, the increase in self-confidence can create insecurity on the other side. Those who cannot diet are disturbed by the fact that their spouses can diet. Jealousy can kick in. Food offerings to his wife, ordering food, eating in front of him may increase. The sweets and pastries that their spouses love are made more. Friends begin to feel the sadness of losing their dining friends, with whom they ate comfortably together. Especially if your friends can’t regulate their eating behavior, they reflect the discomfort of their situation to you, either because they envy you or because they can’t eat in front of you. You can spend your time at dinner with your friends by going to the theater or dancing. When you are forced to eat, you can talk about the health benefits of your diet (sleep pattern, performance at work, reflux, migraine treatment). Your friend may have lost an accomplice to irresponsible eating, but if he cares about you, he will agree to adjust your time together accordingly.
As you lose weight, various comments will begin to come from your environment. Even when people try to regulate their eating behaviors, they do not have as much difficulty as they deal with comments from their environment.

  • ‘Your face collapsed’ It will be the comment that challenges you the most. Nobody wants your face to collapse. This causes the person to start eating again and try to tidy up his face. This means the end of dreams.
  • ‘That’s enough, don’t lose more weight’, ‘You don’t have enough weight to diet’ How much weight you will lose is a decision you will make. You set the goal, don’t give up until you reach it.
  • ‘You can not’Don’t listen to those who say.
  • ‘Even if you lose weight, you’ll gain more’ This is a final comment. The person is very afraid of going to a worse place from where he started after suffering so much. You are learning to eat healthy and opening the doors of a healthy life. Therefore, stay away from people who spread negative energy around you. Such people, let alone diet, negatively affect your social life, work life and maybe even your love life.
  • ‘You know how long the road is’ It is one of the prejudices you must break. Gaining and maintaining healthy eating habits is a process in itself. Losing weight in a healthy way requires a process just like gaining healthy eating habits. It is obvious that you cannot lose your excess weight overnight, just as you cannot lose it in a day. Therefore, you must first accept that this change is a process. If the people around you are constantly reminding that you have a long way to go and this demotivates you, you can try to warn them. Or you can remind them that you don’t achieve anything in your life in a day, and that change is a process.
  • “How much weight have you lost this week” It is one of the most frequently asked questions. Not being able to lose weight at the same rate every week is a perfectly normal physiological process. Hearing this question can get on your nerves during the weeks when your weight loss slows or you can’t lose weight at all.

At this point, see if you can reach the realistic goals you set on time. If you have achieved these goals, and most importantly, if you feel that you have improved your eating habits in this process, continue on your way without getting discouraged. An answer like “It’s going pretty well” can stop these questions. If this does not bring a solution, you can state that you do not want to talk about it and that you are not stuck with the numbers.

  • “Nothing happens for once” It is one of the most insistence you can come up with. Imagine you have breakfast with your schoolmate in the morning, go out to business lunch, and in the evening you are invited to dinner with a relative. It is very likely that you will hear the same word from the people around you in all three environments. If you come across this phrase often, tell the other person how many times a day you hear it. Sometimes making fun of the process will be one of the easiest ways to get around it.
  • “See Death” It is one of the sentences that drives dieters into a corner and sometimes drives them crazy. This well-intentioned sentence, which is usually said suddenly by relatives at a holiday dinner or a special dinner, is a sentence that puts dieters under a lot of stress. When you hear this, stay calm and explain your situation calmly. He suggests that you talk about how overweight and excess fat cause chronic diseases and how much the death rate from it increases in the world.
  • “You’re fine like this” When you decide to start a diet, it is one of the phrases that your social circle may say to you frequently. There is someone around us who has sensitive eyes like scales. These people usually determine, at a glance, whether our weight is normal and proportional to our height, and even the rate of fat in our body.
  • These comments can even be infuriating at times. In such cases, just saying thank you and remaining silent will be enough in order not to increase your inner tension.
  • “Don’t lose weight too much, you’ll get sick” It is one of the most common misconceptions people hear. If you lose weight with a healthy nutrition program and do not disrupt your controls, there is no reason for you to be sick.
  • “You stop dieting, you’ll see, you’ll get twice as much” It’s one of those unrealistic fears about dieting. If you’re undecided, don’t go. The road is full of deterrents. Once you set off and come back, you may lose your self-confidence and self-respect. Your belief that you can succeed is destroyed. Make your decision and implement it.
  • If you’re undecided, don’t go. The road is full of deterrents. Once you set off and come back, you may lose your self-confidence and self-respect. Your belief that you can succeed is destroyed.

Make your decision and implement it.
None of these interpretations can lead a truly determined, disturbed, conscious, intelligent person astray. He has set his goal. He’s on his way. He knows that there are too many mountains and hills to cross, too many plains to walk, too many streams to cross. He dreams of his goal. He is excited about his goal. He is very happy at his destination.


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