Social Phobia

Social Phobia, one of the most common psychiatric disorders; ‘It is the state of avoiding the environment with somatic symptoms, together with a marked and constant anxiety when faced with social situations.’

The lifetime incidence is between 2 and 13 percent. In a study conducted with university students in Turkey, 24% of the students were found to have this disorder.

  • Shyness in matters such as speaking in public and expressing oneself in social environments is a common normal condition and shyness is not a disease.

  • The most basic feature of social phobia; It is a strong desire to make a special positive impression on one’s environment, and a marked insecurity in one’s ability to do so.

  • These people hold extremely high standards for social performance, such as “I must speak perfectly fluently”, “I must always look smart and bright”, as well as “what I say is stupid”, “I’m boring”, “they don’t like me”, “distressed” when faced with social situations. Automatic thoughts such as “They realized that I am

  • In social phobia, it is possible to say goodbye to social phobia with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as medication.

  • Let’s not forget!! It is very possible for people with social phobia to lose a good friend, a good job, and self-confidence. Therefore, it is very important that you do not delay applying to a specialist.

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