Social Media and the Real Self

How would you describe yourself in real life? Are you different from your life on social media? What kind of posts do you include in your daily life to convey the features that make you who you are to the social media environment? Is there any content you avoid sharing? Do you have a personality trait that you don’t show on social media? If so, what are they? How do phenomena create a sense of self in social media?

Social media, unlike traditional media, provides a communication environment that allows people to receive instant feedback, has many functions from information transfer to entertainment, and where individuals can create an identity or image. From this point of view, social media is also accepted as a medium where perfect images that are liked and approved by these masses are created by reaching large masses.

The concept of personal brand, which is not known enough today, is defined as the effort of individuals to introduce themselves to the target audience with a series of personal marketing activities. However, from another point of view, personal branding involves shaping the identity in accordance with the purpose in order to manage how individuals are perceived by other people and to create the right perception in this direction.

The concept of a person brand, which has just started to be heard in our country and is often accepted through celebrities, is becoming applicable to ordinary people day by day. They define themselves as a “personal brand on a small scale” or a “personal brand candidate” and use social media as a tool in this sense. In this context, individuals basically exist on social media channels for ego satisfaction, and they actively use social media channels in order to gain appreciation and approval by opening the parts of their existing identities or personality traits that they want to reflect. The concept of social media has carried the communication between people to different dimensions for the individual, who has not been able to reflect his features in a specific environment until today, and it has now begun to be considered as a tool that affects the masses beyond just communicating, and ensures recognition and awareness.

The involvement of individuals in social media channels is a way of being visible. Today, within the framework of the concept of re-creation, individuals need to reshape their lives and identities on aesthetic and vital perfection. The pressure created by the consumption culture and popular culture on the society activates the desire of individuals to be accepted in the social structure they are in, and creates a desire to be talked about.

During the communication established in social networks, the individual has the opportunity to reflect the image he wants by managing the perception he wants to create on the other side with the communication tactics he uses. Social networks, in which the self is constructed and perfection is created with the images drawn and the stories created, have become an application area that makes each individual feel special. In this context, the motivation of people to take part in social media and the concept of self-presentation of person brand activities that individuals create by using the virtual environment have gained importance.

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