social media addiction

Social media addiction Specialist Psychologist Meki Deniz, who says that the new syndrome of the modern age is social media addiction, leads to uses away from communication with the introduction of smart phones, which are created by communication needs. He said: With the introduction of all areas of our lives, its use has reached the level of addiction and disturbing people. It creates many trigger situations from depression to anxiety disorder. People are now trying to show their character of being here rather than communicating, and while doing this, they spend so much time on social media that it causes them to neglect or miss out on the things they need to do during the day. This causes disruptions in business or daily life. Says Meki Deniz, Expert Psychologist. We should question that obsessing over social media actually indicates that our life is not going well; Is your business going badly or our relationship? Are we trying to prove our lack of love, our trust, or ourselves on social media? Is it a toxic virtual world where the food we don’t eat, the sharing we make to have a good time with people we don’t like? If so, it’s time to solve what you suppressed.

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