Social Interest in Children Starts in the Family

One of the innate predispositions is social interest. A child is born into a social environment and his first social environment is his family. We need a guide and trainer to develop this innate predisposition, like other predispositions, and these are parents. In the family of the child; They have social relations such as mother-father-child-sibling relationship. A mother’s sincere love for her child teaches the child to love other people. The child learns to trust other people with the secure bond that the mother establishes with the child. The mother’s relationship with the child creates the feeling of cooperation, commitment and companionship in the child. The mother’s relationship with her husband, other children and other people around her is a role model for the child. In this way, the child creates the idea that other people can be valuable in the world. If the mother cannot establish this balance and concentrates her interest and love on the child, the child avoids establishing relationships with other people other than his mother. The attitudes of the father towards his wife, work and society are effective in developing the child’s social interest. A father who has developed social relations can easily show this in his relationship with his children. The father’s authoritarian attitude will show reflections such as power and superiority in the child’s relations with other people. The positive relationship between the mother and father has a great contribution to the social development of the child. Otherwise, the child’s chance to develop social relations is very low. Critical and humiliating approaches of spouses reduce the respect of children towards their parents. Directing the emotional support of the mother from her husband to the child, and showing an overprotective mother attitude prevent the child’s social development. Children who grow up in families where there are relations with peace, trust and respect will not have difficulties in social harmony. The family is a garden where all seeds of emotion, thought and behavior are planted. If you give your sun, water and food with love, patience, balance and stability, you will have grown strong, strong and productive fruit trees…

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