Social gender equality

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Today I would like to have a conversation with you on gender equality.

Let’s start with the definitions first. Gender refers to the innate, natural and biological differences between men and women. Gender, on the other hand, is a concept that expresses the beliefs, expectations, cultural views and approaches attributed to individuals by society because of their gender.

Before our baby is born, as soon as the gender is determined, if it is a girl or pink, if it is a boy, to buy blue clothes; while buying dolls and kitchen sets for girls, buying toys such as cars and guns for boys; loving our son as my lion-coach while we love our daughter as princess-fairy; while we are waiting for our daughter to sit down “lady lady”, it is appropriate for our son to jump and jump; While it is normal for our daughter to cry when she is sad, saying “men don’t cry” when our son cries… and many more are examples of gender…

They’re both children, they’re both children, they’re just different genders, and it’s not their own choice, but they’re exposed to different approaches and expectations. They grow by internalizing these patterns they are exposed to, and they can become a part of this cycle themselves. In adult life, there may be people who think that they are superior to others and have the right to everything, despite those who feel that they are unsuccessful at school/work/home because of their gender, and that they are not accepted; This can cause serious psychological problems, violence and injustice. It is very important to intervene in this situation at an early age, and at this point, each of us, especially the parents, have important duties.

* First of all, we can start by becoming aware of our own stereotypes and stopping ourselves.

* By talking about this issue with our children, we can be good role models for our children by getting rid of these stereotypes, especially in our relationships with our spouses and children in our own home.

* We can go a long way by teaching our children to be respectful to themselves and others, that everyone is valuable regardless of man or woman, that we all have feelings, and that anyone can achieve anything if they want (it doesn’t have to be a teacher for a woman or an engineer for a man).

The most important thing we have to do is; To offer unconditional love and acceptance to our children, to show our faith and support for them, regardless of boy or girl.

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